Video: SPCA Seeking Teenagers Who Brutally Abused Turtle

July 8, 2015

The Niagara County SPCA has released immensely disturbing video footage of a group of high school students who treated a snapping turtle horrifically. According to the SPCA YouTube description, “The turtle was transported to a party at a residence on Royalton Center Rd in Wolcottsville where it was repeatedly stabbed with a pitch fork, then brutally beaten with a baseball bat, stabbed again with a frogging fork and thrown into a fire.”

So far the Niagara County and Erie County SPCAs have identified the individuals responsible for stabbing the turtle and throwing it in the fire. The individual who repeatedly beat it with a baseball bat is still being sought. All individuals will face animal cruelty charges.

The first half of the video (shown below – view with caution) has been blurred due to the graphic images. The SPCA did not release the second half, in which the teenagers stab the snapping turtle and throw it in the fire.

If you have any information that would help identify the remaining individual, call the Erie County SPCA at (716) 629-3525 or the Niagara County SPCA at (716) 731-4368, extension 302.

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