Toad Hitches Ride on Goldfish in English Woman's Backyard Pond

May 1, 2014

The Daily Mail in the United Kingdom is showcasing a series of images of what appears to be a toad clinging onto the back of a goldfish in the backyard pond of Andree Siwadi, a 70-year-old pond lover in Winton, Dosett England. The woman said she watched as the toad hitched a ride from one side of the pond to the other on the back of the fish. According to Siwadi, the goldfish tried to shake the amphibian off its back but the toad refused to let go, so she pulled the toad off herself.


toad hops a ride on a goldfish

Photo by  Andree Siwadi

The toad refused to let go of the goldfish so Andree Siwadi removed it from the goldfish's back.

'I saw a frog riding around on the back of one of the fish and thought it was so unusual and funny that it would be worth getting a picture, Siwadi told the paper. 'Afterward, I lifted the frog off and put it back in the weeds as I was worried it would hurt the fish, which are all owned and named after my grandchildren."

The sequence of photos can be viewed here.  

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