Tiger Snake With Prolapsed Hemipenis Rescued And Taken To Vet

October 12, 2017

A man in Tasmania, Australia, rescued a male tiger snake (Notechis sp.) from the wild this week with a prolapsed hemipenis. The snake, about 70 cm long, was rescued by Bruce Press of Reptile Rescue Tasmania. Press then took the venomous snake to a reptile vet, who surgically removed the prolapsed hemipenis and the second hemipenis from the animal so it could later be released.

“I’ve only read about it before — I’ve never seen it before,” Press told the Mercury Australia. “This is extremely rare.”

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The condition apparently caused a bit of a stir on Facebook as well, with some folks asking what happened and Press replying, multiple times that the snake had a prolapsed penis.


Some folks were genuinely interested in the snake’s condition, while others, well, they tried to make light of the snake’s situation.


Press noted that the snake is expected to live, it just cannot breed anymore.


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