Thieves Steal Leopard Tortoise From NY Reptile Store And Crime Is Caught On Video

September 5, 2018

On September 2, two thieves apparently stole a leopard tortoise (Stigmochelys sp.) from Repxotica Rare Reptiles in West Islip, NY and the entire crime was captured on the reptile store's surveillance system.

For Mr and Mrs scumbag , who stole the leopard tortoise today , we have the whole thing on crystal clear video, and a...

Posted by Repxotica Rare Reptiles on Sunday, September 2, 2018

"For Mr and Mrs scumbag, who stole the leopard tortoise today, we have the whole thing on crystal clear video, and a crystal clear pic of your license plate," the store wrote on its Facebook page.

Leopard Tortoise Care Sheet

The couple, a man and a woman, apparently distracted an employee and then were able to somehow leave the store with the leopard tortoise, according to the West Islip Patch

The couple then fled in a black Ford F150 truck. 

Tortoise thieves

Repxotica Rare Reptiles/Facebook

Surveillance footage of the couple accused of stealing a leopard tortoise.

"I will post your license plate shortly to the public —- black ford f150 just so you know," the store wrote. The store owner is giving the thieves the chance to return the reptile. The store has had thefts before and the animals stolen have all been returned successfully, according to the store's Facebook page. 

If you know anything about the crime, contact Suffolk Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220-TIPS, or the store at (631) 482-9500.


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