Snoop Dogg Voice Overs BBC’s "Planet Earth 2" Featuring Galapagos Racers and Baby Marine Iguanas

June 13, 2017

Do you remember the BBC’s "Planet Earth 2" episode featuring the Galapagos racer snakes that are out in full force to hunt baby marine iguanas?

Well as part of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Rapper Snoop Dogg narrates a scene in the episode, “the all Reptile Edition of Plizzanet Earth” which showcases a lizard escaping the clutches of a ball of racer snakes to make it up onto the volcanic rock formations next to the sea.

Snoop Dogg Plizzanet Earth 2

BBC Planet Earth 2

Snoop Dogg narrates an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live's Plizzanet Earth.

Snoop Dogg is no scientist, but he does his best to narrate the life and death situation, at one point noting the head movements of the snakes.

"They plottin' right now. See how they got their necks up? That means they comin' to get it," Snoop said, as the snakes had their heads so they could detect movement.  Then to a nod to the gecko of Geico insurance fame, Snoop notes, "If he had GEICO, he'd have a 15 percent chance of gettin' up outta there.” 

In 2015, Snoop aired his first episode of Plizzanet Earth on Jimmy Kimmel Live. You can watch that here

In all, it is another Snoop narrated piece for a nature show, though it does bring back the spectacular footage of the first episode of "Planet Earth 2.”




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