Would You Poke A Reptile To Get The Photo You Want?

July 29, 2015

Would you poke and prod a reptile just to get the photograph that you want? Well apparently some Chinese photographers in Singapore did just that with a juvenile pit viper.

This video is making the rounds on Asian social media sites. It shows a "nature" photographer shooting a small pit viper on a branch in the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve in Singapore. What has riled photographers in Singapore and elsewhere in Asia was the fact that the snake was sitting on a different branch and was somehow moved to another branch to get a better shot, AND the fact that the photographer used a stick to poke and prod the snake to get the pose he wanted, and then hit the snake on the head before apparently moving on. The person who uploaded the video, Kenny Pan, says in his post below that the snake was physically disturbed and poked many times until the photographer was satisfied with the shot. They then apparently threw the snake into the air and deeper into the forest. Read the post from Kenny Pan and let us know what you think in the comments.

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Palm Pit Vipers of the Genus Bothriechis

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kennie pan photography

Unruly Behaviour of ''Nature Macro Photographers"

This video was recorded by a jogger friend. He forwarded me the video of their unruly behaviour just yesterday. Note: This was not the original perch the snake was on. They intentionally shifted it to an open branch as shown for an 'easier photo'. During which, they were poking it just to get it into a position they want. As shown, the pit viper was tense(ready to strike position). This video only shows part of the upteen times they physically disturb/poke it.From the way he moves in front of the Viper (Rough, Loud and aggresive), it obviously shows how much he cares if the subject got intimidated by him. Professional Nature Photographers shoot their subjects as discreet as possible, allowing animals to feel a threat is not even there. This group of ''Nature Macro Photographers" (was told about 8 of them) intentionally threw this poor juvenile into the air, deeper into the forest. It was wise of my jogger friend to not confront them as he was alone.I was there a few hours before them to observe the Juvenile Pit Viper. The Pit Viper was in another spot originally (In a difficult shooting position). I planned to come back the following day knowing that the Pit Viper would still be on the exact spot with a high chance. When I arrived the next day, I was pretty shocked the snake was totally out of sight. I then met my jogger friend again and he described what happened to me. At the same time he sent me this video. I uploaded this video to share with all of you their atrocious behaviour just to get their photos. I am submitting this to the AVA with a formal email and evidence. Hopefully their faces can be identified. Justice needs to be done for the welfare of the animals.

Posted by Kennie Pan Photography on Monday, July 20, 2015

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