Squirrel Kills And Eats Snake In Texas

July 13, 2015

And you thought that squirrels were cute little rodents that ate nuts. Well, this photo from the National Park Service shows otherwise as one of these “rats with better public relations” is shown eating a snake. That is right. The Texas squirrel is a complete badass and has turned the tables on the reptile. According to the NPS, Park Ranger W. Leggett investigated a ruckus outside Frijole Ranch in Guadalupe Mountains National Park and found the squirrel fighting with the snake.

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squirrel eats snake

W. Leggett/NPS

This rock squirrel was photographed eating a snake.

The snake had zero chance as the squirrel dispatched it fairly easily and, according to Leggett, devoured the snake, “bones and all down to the last two inches” of its tail. The NPS says that these rock squirrels usually eat plants, fruits and nuts, and will also go after bird eggs, lizards, and in this case, snakes. 

The photo went fairly viral on the National Park Service Facebook page, with more than 3,000 likes and close to 2,000 shares. Anyone venture to guess the species of snake that was eaten by this rodent?

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