Python Eats Crocodile At Australia's Lake Moondarra

March 3, 2014

Pythons eating alligators in the Everglades might be a new phenomenon, but crocodiles apparently are a normal prey item for pythons in Australia, as shown in recent photographs that went viral over the Internet this last weekend. Marvin Muller and Tiffany Corliss were visiting Australia's Lake Moondarra, a popular water sports reservoir in Queensland, when they witnessed what looks like an Australian olive python (Liasis olivaceus) devouring a crocodile.


Muller and Corliss told ABC Northwest Queensland Radio that the event lasted more than four hours, with the crocodile finally succumbing to the snake. Corliss told the radio station that at first the crocodile was fighting with the snake, trying to keep its head above water, but after the hours went on, the crocodile gave up. The snake then uncoiled itself from the crocodile, took a brief break and then proceeded to consume the crocodile.

The olive python can grow to more than 12 feet in length and are olive, greenish brown in coloration with a white belly. They are popular with reptile keepers in most of Australia.

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