Escaped Northern Pine Snake Reunited With Owner After 7 Months on the Loose

April 9, 2015

An albino northern pine snake that escaped its enclosure more than seven months ago in Littleborough, Rochdale England has been reunited with its owner after it was discovered just three doors down from where the owner had previously lived. 

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According to the Daily Mirror, Hannah Brierley, 16, went into the bathroom at 7 a.m. on the morning of April 7 and noticed a “white big thing on the radiator” which she didn’t think was real at first. She then called her mom and she came in and they tried to figure out how a snake got in their house. Brierley’s mom called the RSPCA, which didn’t answer, and then called the police, which sent detective Craig Wallace, who keeps snakes, to help Brierley and her mom with the reptile. Wallace came in and placed the snake into a pillowcase and brought it to the RSPCA.

The RSPCA enlisted the help of Crocodile Joe, a reptile specialist known for his work on the TV shows Blue Peter and Animal Planet to keep the snake until the owner was found. The story somehow made it onto Facebook, where Bradley Heywood read an article about a snake that had been found in his old neighborhood by a neighbor and immediately recognized it as his snake that escaped its enclosure. 

Heywood, who incidentally is studying animal behavior at Manchester University, was indeed the rightful owner as he described the snake to a tee, including the fact that Rob has cataracts in both eyes and is completely blind, but otherwise perfectly healthy. 

Heywood said that he had multiple locks on the vivarium and can’t figure out how the snake escaped, and when his family moved away, he thought he would never see Rob again. 

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