Discovery Channel's Latest Stunt: Paul Rosolie Eaten Alive by Anaconda?

November 5, 2014

The last time I watched the Discovery Channel was around the year 2000 when I was living in Hawaii. My two sons and I enjoyed the show and I especially enjoyed it for the educational aspect of it. I haven’t had cable TV since and that is probably for the best especially with regard to the Discovery Channel’s programming. Shock and Awe.

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First it was the Megalodon sighting nonsense and then the mermaid garbage and now, Discovery Channel is going to air a show with naturalist, wildlife filmmaker and now entertainer Paul Rosolie, who is supposedly going to don a "snake-proof" suit and will get eaten alive by an anaconda.

What is Discovery Channel thinking? Oh yeah it is all for ratings, but they have a captive audience! This is totally wrong on all levels. The trailer, "Eaten Alive" shows how ridiculous and wrong this stunt is. Look at the suit Rosolie is wearing, it is like a space suit. It looks like he is trailing some sort of dead animal behind him, presumably to entice the snake. And the snake. If the snake is successful in even getting Rosolie down its throat, how will Rosolie be extracted from the snake? Will the snake be harmed when it is forced to regurgitate Rosolie? Or will Rosolie be cut out of the snake? Ridiculous and disgusting.  There is a Change.org petition trying to stop this nonsense from airing. You can read about it here

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