13 Smuggled Green Tree Pythons Euthanized In Australia

Thirteen green tree pythons that were smuggled into Australia from Indonesia via the Australian Post Office were euthanized after the package they were concealed in was inspected by biosecurity officers. 

The package was labeled mixed powder but upon a scan, it was revealed that there were live snakes in the package. While an article in The Guardian said that the Department of Agriculture wasn’t sure as to the species, judging by the image, they appear to be green tree pythons, which are native to New Guinea, Indonesia and Cape York, Australia. 

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Department of Agriculture australia

These snakes were sent via postal mail from Indonesia to Australia.

The snakes were euthanized because of the potential of them to carry disease and pests not native to Australia. 

“This detection of concealed and illegally imported snakes, sent from Indonesia, is a clear attempt to get around the rules that are in place to protect us all,” said Nicola Hinder, spokesman for the Department of Agriculture. 

“It’s obvious anyone who claims to be an animal lover and conceals reptiles, or any other animal, in small packages and sends them through the mail does not have the best interests of the animals or Australia at heart.”

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