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21. Metabolic Bone Disease In Reptiles
MBD is not actually a single disease entity, it is a collection of medical disorders affecting the integrity and function of bones.
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22. The Vet Report: Burns in Reptiles article 100 %
23. The Vet Report: At The First Sign of Illness, Take Your Reptile to a Vet article 100 %
24. The Vet Report: Contrary To Popular Belief, Snakes Can Hear
“Well, Mr. Jones, I have to disagree with you. Snakes do have internal ears, and they can hear.”
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25. Can A Retic With Inclusion Body Disease Still Strike?
Inclusion body disease is known to strike pythons and boas.
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26. A Crocodilian Christmas article 100 %
27. The Vet Report: Environmental Enrichment for Reptiles
Environmental enrichment will improve the health of captive reptiles.
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28. Remembering Kevin Wright, DVM (1963-2013)
Wright wrote more than 300 articles on exotic animal care and husbandry during a 25 year span as a veterinarian.
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29. Snake Gastrointestinal Tract Anatomy
Know your snake inside and out with this snake gastrointestinal tract anatomy overview.
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30. Snake Cardiovascular System Anatomy
Know your snake inside and out with this snake cardiovascular system anatomy overview.
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31. Snake Respiratory System Anatomy
Know your snake inside and out with this snake respiratory system anatomy overview.
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32. Poached Sea Turtle Eggs
I suspect that almost anyone with an Internet connection has seen the images of native Central Americans appearing to poach sea turtle eggs from the beach.
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33. Giving Reptiles Medication Via Feeders article 100 %
34. Snake Immune System Anatomy
Know your snake inside and out with this snake immune system anatomy overview.
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35. Reptiles, Candles And Incense
Are things like incense and candles harmful to reptiles and amphibians?
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36. Five Veterinarians Designated First-Ever Reptile And Amphibian Specialists
The American Board of Veterinary Practitioners has designated five veterinarians as the first-ever Reptile and Amphibian Specialists.
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37. Gecko Mating Problem
My male reptile attempted to mate with my female for the first time. What happened next was that his testicle seems to have popped out.
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38. Chinese Water Dragon With Mouth Lump
My female Chinese water dragon has a strange whitish lump on the outside of her mouth.
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39. Tortoise Bladder Stones
Bladder stones are a common problem in many species of tortoise.
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40. RoboCroc
An injured crocodile was taken to surgery, and about four hours, four plates and 41 stainless steel screws later, “RoboCroc,” was reborn.
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