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1. Chytrid Fungus Threatens Frogs In Australia
The deadly chytrid fungus renders unique frogs extinct and threatens another species in Australia.
article 70 %
2. The Tiger Snake of Australia
The tiger snake is the most common large elapid in many parts of Australia.
article 70 %
3. Fake Mud Helps Critically Endangered White-Bellied Frogs Breed In Australia
The white-bellied frog is critically endangered in Australia and the Perth Zoo is trying to bolster its populations.
article 70 %
4. Stokes Sea Snake Washes Up on Beach in Sydney, Australia
A Stokes sea snake washed up on a beach in Sydney, Australia, far from its native range.
article 70 %
5. Video: Monitor Lizard Makes Quick Work of Python in Noosa, Australia
A monitor lizard (Goanna in Australia) makes quick work of a python.
article 70 %
6. Blizzard-Phased Corn Snake Captured in Australia
Exotic snakes are euthanized in Australia
article 69 %
7. Today is National Baw Baw Frog Day in Australia
The Baw Baw frog is critically endangered and is currently known in just a single locality in Australia.
article 68 %
8. Energy Australia Builds Around Pygmy Bluetongue Lizard Habitat article 66 %
9. 13 Smuggled Green Tree Pythons Euthanized in Australia article 66 %
10. 50,000-Year-Old Lizard Bone Dates Humans Living in Australia with Giant Lizards
Imagine having to deal with a fast monitor lizard that grew to six meters in length and weighed 500 kg.
article 66 %
11. Frogs of Australia App For iOS Now Available article 66 %
12. Feral Cats are Killing and Eating Small Reptiles In Australia’s Kakadu National Park article 66 %
13. Is Australia’s Striped Legless Lizard Under Threat of Extinction?
The striped legless lizard is under assault from urban development, clearing of grasslands and a host of other factors
article 66 %
14. Bobby The Wildlife Warrior From Queensland Australia article 66 %
15. New Venomous Snake Species Discovered in Australia
The snake, of the genus Acanthophis, is a death adder.
article 66 %
16. World’s Smallest Varanus Lizard Species Discovered in Australia article 66 %
17. Two New Lizard Species Discovered in Queensland, Australia article 65 %
18. Albino Green Sea Turtle Hatchling Discovered at Castaway Beach Australia
Albino green sea turtles are rare.
article 65 %
19. New Fat-Tailed Gecko Species Discovered in Australia article 65 %
20. More Than 500 Turtle Hatchlings Released In Australia's Fitzroy River
Minister of Environment and Heritage Protection rescued 42 clutches of turtle eggs.
article 65 %
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