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1. 2006 REPTILES Article Index
All the 2006 articles published in REPTILES magazine
article 10 %
2. A Crocodilian Christmas article 100 %
3. A Great Reptile Vet
By Russ Case
article 20 %
4. Amphibian Drug Dosage
The greatest difficulty in treating small amphibians comes from properly determining and administering the amount of drug required for treatment.
article 10 %
5. Baytril: The Overused Herp Antibiotic
Baytril is an excellent, powerful and effective drug.
article 99 %
6. Bearded Dragon Aneurysms
In beardies, aneurysms can occur in many different locations.
article 100 %
7. Bearded Dragon That Needed To Get To Florida For Surgery Has Died article 27 %
8. Can A Retic With Inclusion Body Disease Still Strike?
Inclusion body disease is known to strike pythons and boas.
article 100 %
9. Chinese Water Dragon With Mouth Lump
My female Chinese water dragon has a strange whitish lump on the outside of her mouth.
article 100 %
10. Common Reptile Viral Diseases
A listing of diseases that may affect your pet reptiles.
article 99 %
11. December 2008 Editor's Note
A special issue for all you snake-lovers out there.
article 10 %
12. Douglas Mader - Contributing Author article 100 %
13. Dr. Douglas Mader Bids Farewell: Thank You REPTILES Readers
After 23 years answering over 350 questions in over 250 columns and writing numerous columns, Dr. Douglas Mader bids farewell.
article 100 %
14. Fibropapilloma: A Devastating Sea Turtle Disease article 100 %
15. Five Popular Lizards And Five Medical Conditions Each May Experience
Being a responsible reptile owner includes finding a reptile veterinarian in your area and getting professional advice on how to care for your reptile
article 10 %
16. Five Veterinarians Designated First-Ever Reptile And Amphibian Specialists
The American Board of Veterinary Practitioners has designated five veterinarians as the first-ever Reptile and Amphibian Specialists.
article 100 %
17. Gecko Mating Problem
My male reptile attempted to mate with my female for the first time. What happened next was that his testicle seems to have popped out.
article 100 %
18. Giving Reptiles Medication Via Feeders article 100 %
19. How To Recognize And Prevent Medical Ailments In Amphibians article 100 %
20. Iguana Lifespan And Proper Care
How long will a captive green iguana live?
article 10 %
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