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1. Sea Turtle Speared In Florida Recovering At Turtle Hospital
Splinter is in recovery after the 3-foot long spear was removed from her body.
article 10 %
2. Can A Retic With Inclusion Body Disease Still Strike?
Inclusion body disease is known to strike pythons and boas.
article 100 %
3. The Vet Report: Salmonella In Reptiles
In the 1970s, red-eared sliders were so popular in the pet trade that they were actually raised in human sewage ponds —hence the source of the Salmonella
article 100 %
4. The Vet Report: Contrary To Popular Belief, Snakes Can Hear
“Well, Mr. Jones, I have to disagree with you. Snakes do have internal ears, and they can hear.”
article 100 %
5. The Vet Report: Puka, The Sea Turtle With A Hole
When Puka came to the Turtle Hospital, the director at first wanted to euthanize her. My first thought was that I had to agree. A hole in a sea turtle —not good.
article 100 %
6. Metabolic Bone Disease In Reptiles
MBD is not actually a single disease entity, it is a collection of medical disorders affecting the integrity and function of bones.
article 100 %
7. Reptile Medicine Behind Bars At The Monroe County Sheriff’s Animal Farm
The Monroe County Jail in Florida is home to a variety of animals, cared for by inmates.
article 100 %
8. The Vet Report: Reptile Vomiting and Regurgitation
The two most common causes of vomiting or regurgitation in snakes are low-environmental temperature and handling the animal too soon after eating.
article 100 %
9. The Vet Report: Don’t Diagnose Your Herps Via The Internet. Find A Good Reptile Vet
Long-distance medicine is a reality, but it requires trained individuals on both ends of the cyber connection to collect all the data and formulate a diagnosis and plan.
article 100 %
10. Mites in Reptiles
Mites can be both a nuisance and a costly problem in any reptile collection.
article 100 %
11. Dr. Douglas Mader Bids Farewell: Thank You REPTILES Readers
After 23 years answering over 350 questions in over 250 columns and writing numerous columns, Dr. Douglas Mader bids farewell.
article 100 %
12. Five Popular Lizards And Five Medical Conditions Each May Experience
Being a responsible reptile owner includes finding a reptile veterinarian in your area and getting professional advice on how to care for your reptile
article 10 %
13. The Vet Report: Environmental Enrichment for Reptiles
Environmental enrichment will improve the health of captive reptiles.
article 100 %
14. Baytril: The Overused Herp Antibiotic
Baytril is an excellent, powerful and effective drug.
article 99 %
15. The Vet Report: At The First Sign of Illness, Take Your Reptile to a Vet article 100 %
16. The Vet Report: Burns in Reptiles article 100 %
17. The Vet Report: A List of Common Internal Parasites in Reptiles article 100 %
18. Bearded Dragon Aneurysms
In beardies, aneurysms can occur in many different locations.
article 100 %
19. A Crocodilian Christmas article 100 %
20. Fibropapilloma: A Devastating Sea Turtle Disease article 100 %
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