Scared Of A Snake, Man Tries To Shoot It But Hits Mother-In-Law Instead

October 2, 2017

Many folks fear snakes. For whatever reason, the reptile with no legs gets a bad rap in many locales across the globe. But that fear is unfounded, and sometimes, can turn dangerous.

pine snake

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People should call animal control to remove a snake on their property. It is more humane than trying to shoot it.

Take the story of the man in Conway, South Carolina whose mother-in-law was trying to leave the house but couldn’t because there was a snake in her way and she was scared. The unidentified woman’s daughter and her son-in-law tried a shovel and a golf club to push out of the way, but the snake went under the steps instead, to flee, according to WBTW News.

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Seemingly not satisfied that the snake had not left the premises, the man then proceeded to lay on the ground in an attempt to shoot the reptile with his gun, but when he fired the gun, the round went through the steps and hit his mother-in-law in the leg. The woman told police that she was stepping off the steps when her son-in-law told everyone not to move and in the process got shot.

Now for the most part, if you leave a snake alone, they will eventually leave as they would certainly much rather not be seen than be seen. But if you encounter a snake that you want removed from your property, and you are not aware as to the species, it is probably best to contact your local animal control or even a professional snake handler. That way nobody, including the snake, gets hurt.

This incident should serve as a warning to those who have no idea how to safely remove a snake from their property. Leave it to the professionals. It could have been much worse than what transpired.

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