Salmonella Outbreak In Canada Sickens 92 People

December 13, 2019

Always wash your hands before and after handling a pet reptile or feeder rodents.


A Salmonella outbreak in Canada has been linked to pet snakes, pet rats and feeder rodents, according to OutBreakNews Today.

The Public Health Agency of Canada says its investigation has found that an outbreak of salmonella poisoning has affected six provinces, with 92 confirmed cases of Salmonella Typhimurium illness. The following provinces and the number infected are as follows: British Columbia (4), Ontario (16), Quebec (52), New Brunswick (9), Nova Scotia (5) and Newfoundland and Labrador (6).

The Vet Report: Salmonella In Reptiles

The afflicted became sick between April 2017 and October 2019, with six reported hospitalized. No deaths have been reported.

The Center for Disease Control has provided the following guidelines when handling reptiles, which are all known to carry Salmonella.

  • Wash your hands completely with soap and water after handling any reptile or its enclosure. Supervise children when they wash their hands.
  • Don't kiss or snuggle with turtles or other reptiles this can spread Salmonella to your face and mouth.
  • Clean and disinfect your reptile's enclosure and the items inside it outside the house when possible.
  • Consider a different pet for those with children under the age of 5 or adults over the age of 65.
  • Pet stores, reptile breeders and those who sell reptiles as pets should better educate their customers on safe handling of turtles, snakes, czars and other herps.

Those considering the purchase of any reptile should do so from a reputable pet store or breeder and not from street or swap meet vendors or other vendors that don't follow the law.

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