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Frogs with Teeth

Posted on, Feb 11 2014

Leopard gecko eating crickets

Leopard gecko eating crickets
Posted on, Sep 16 2013

Visit Zoie

Watch this an get an update on Zoie!
Posted on, Aug 30 2013

Green Anole Showing Off

Green Anole on my patio in Dallas displaying his handsome dewlap.
Posted on, Aug 29 2013

SUPER KANSAS!: Episode 2: The invisible wall

Super Kansas is desparely trying to get Louie, while the invisible wall is blocking him.
Posted on, Aug 23 2013


Swimming Slider with over grown goldfish
Posted on, Aug 15 2013

First Crickets

Orion when he was only about 2 weeks old. I recieved him fromt he local pet store but i was told he wouldnt eat crickets. I had to feed him a mix of baby food, calcium with D3 and mealworms and after awhile he was finally able to eat his first crickets!
Posted on, Aug 01 2013

SUPER KANSAS: And the chiwauwau from outer space

Kansas is a funny, but strong lizard. He is with one of the four dogs we own. He is wacky most of the time, but not in this episode of SUPER KANSAS!!!
Posted on, Jul 24 2013

Just hanging out

Mississippi Map
Posted on, Jul 09 2013

Feeding MR. B.

My daughter feeding her Bearded Dragon collard greens
Posted on, Jul 04 2013

Zoie at home

This is where Zoie lives, in other words, it is her habitat.
Posted on, Jun 24 2013

Enjoying the sunshine

Mississippi Map, Midland Painted, and Southern Painted.
Posted on, Jun 23 2013

Houdini wants out!!

I wake up quite often to him scraping his little nose along the netting in his tank, trying to find his way out. And he has managed to do exactly that twice already. It is true, duct tape fixes everything!
Posted on, Jun 20 2013

benson misses the cricket every time

My hypo translucent bearded dragon tries to eat a cricket but he kepps on missng. I know I did bad filming at the end, that was becuse I was tring to get the cricket back over to him.
Posted on, Jun 18 2013


Alexis munching on lunch.
Posted on, Jun 16 2013


Here is a slideshow of various images of Wadjet.
Posted on, Jun 10 2013

that's not how you get in, pheonix.

you get in through the i top. duh.
Posted on, Jun 05 2013

that's not a cricket.

for some reason he thinks plastic is tasty. and note that i do not sound like that!
Posted on, Jun 05 2013


Alexis is cruising around the kitchen.
Posted on, Jun 02 2013

Turtle Beach, North Shore of O'ahu

A visit to Turtle Beach on the North Shore of O'ahu. Speaking with Malama na Honu volunteer Joe about the sea turtles that bask on the beach
Posted on, May 30 2013


Just hanging out with Laif!
Posted on, May 23 2013

darwyn on the hunt

darwyn the savannah monitor being wild for a day
Posted on, May 02 2013

Barb eating dandelion

my mali uromastyx eating a dandelion
Posted on, May 02 2013

Green Sea Turtle Feeding

At Sea World in San Diego, California. They breed Green Sea turtles there and this is the result. They are all eating some tasty squid.
Posted on, Apr 17 2013
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