Frog Holding Leaf Umbrella Image Goes Viral

Who says all frogs like to get wet? Indonesian photographer Penkdix Palme apparently photographed such a frog in Indonesia, holding a leaf stem that looks like an umbrella, attached to what looks like an aloe vera stalk. Palme, who was quoted in the South West News Service saying the frog stayed under the leaf for close to 30 minutes, says he took the photograph in his neighbors garden. Palme took up photography about six months ago and enjoys photographing frogs.

Frog using leaf as umbrella
Frog using leaf as umbrella. Photo from Penkdix Palme's Facebook page

He submitted the photograph to National Geographic's "Your Shot" section, where there is a lot of discussion as to the image's authenticity. The image is currently the most viral herp image on the internet, having been picked up by news sites all over the world. Real or not, it is a very interesting composition.

Real or Photoshopped? Let us know your opinion in the comments section.

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