Weird And Wacky Reptile And Amphibian-Inspired Television Commercials

Budweiser Frog

Screengrab courtesy YouTube

The gecko that sells insurance, the alligators in skin lotion ads, the frogs selling beer, reptiles and amphibians have been depicted in commercials for decades, in television markets all over the world. They have been used to market a variety of products from a range of different companies. Why reptiles and amphibians?

For some commercials they are used because their behaviors (such as the slow turtle in the currently running AT&T ad) are highlighted, for others, it could be due to their perceived skin (Lubriderm), and for others, the way in which they eat (Burger King). Probably the most popular television commercial featuring herps was the one (and the series that followed) promoting Budweiser beer. In 1995, the commercial aired during Super Bowl XXIX with three frogs; Bud, Weis, and Er, calling out at night. The commercial was directed by Gore Verbinski, who went on to direct the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Here is a short collection of reptile and amphibian inspired videos from YouTube. Please let us know your thoughts on this first collection of herp inspired videos in the comments below. Got more interesting ones? Send them to Reptileeditor@i5publishing.com and we'll post them up in a future Reptile and Amphibian-Inspired Television Commercial post. And thanks for watching!

Enhanced Budweiser Frogs Commercial
Lubriderm "Alligator" 2000s
AT&T "Slow Turtle"

Freddy Snake

Burger King Eat Like Snake


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