YouTube Video Of A Frog Eating A Caterpillar Gets Close To 1.5 Million Views In Three Days

September 6, 2012

Posted to YouTube just three days ago, a video of a caterpillar seemingly harassing a frog until it gets eaten has received close to 1.5 million views. The video shows a caterpillar waving its body back in forth in front of the frog, which is seemingly uninterested in the caterpillar.


frog eating caterpillar


It seems that this caterpillar wanted to get eaten.

But the caterpillar continues to wave its body in front of the frog's mouth, moving closer to the frog and then finally crawling up under and over the frog's mouth and onto its nose. The frog, which appeared uninterested in the first 45 seconds of the video finally relents and eats the caterpillar that was waving its body. Check the video below.


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