Tortoise Taped To Helium Balloons Rescued In Oceanside, California

The tortoise was stuck in a Eucalpytus tree before the wind gently brought it back down to earth.

Photo credit: Kim Rabago

A tortoise that someone had taped to a bunch of helium-filled balloons and set afloat has been rescued by the humane society in Oceanside, Calif. According to ABC News affiliate 10 News, the tortoise was initially stuck in a eucalyptus tree, taped to the balloon strings with duct tape. Residents of the community in which the tortoise was found called the Oceanside Humane Society, which contacted the fire department. When the fire department arrived, wind had already blown the balloons and the tortoise down to earth. 

According to the report, residents of the community are outraged that someone would tape a tortoise to a cluster of balloons and set it afloat. One resident said there is no reason the tortoise should have been subjected to such cruelty, and another said the owner should have given the tortoise away or taken it to a pet store.

The tortoise, apparently in good health, is currently being taken care of at the Oceanside Humane Society.

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