Special Ed Teacher Finds Tree Frog In Costco Salad, Keeps It As Pet

A special education teacher in California got an interesting surprise from her local Costco when she picked up a bagged salad she was about to place in her cart, according to a report in the Whittier Daily News. Liya Ma, of South Pasadena, CA looked at the bag and noticed inside the plastic salad container were two little eyes of a tree frog staring right back at her. She then let out a scream and dropped the bag with the frog in it.

Rather than call a lawyer as some folks do when something in their food isn't right, Ma asked the store manager if she could keep it as a pet. He said yes and Ma went home with a free salad and a tree frog. The frog apparently survived its trip from Babe Farms in Santa Maria, CA because the lettuce in the organic spring mix is not chopped, and no pesticides were used in the growing of the vegetables, said Terrie Cardoza, a spokesperson with Babe Farms whose bagged salad contained the now pet tree frog.

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