Reptile Lovers To Open Snake Yoga Studio In Canada

December 18, 2018

First there was a snake massage, and then snake cafes, but snake yoga? A couple who loves snakes and yoga have decided to blend their two passions together and will open an snake yoga studio in January 2019. The couple, Tristan Risk, and Joshua Burns, told CTV Vancouver that they hope that their snake yoga classes will also help folks who have a fear of the reptiles will overcome it in a controlled environment.

“The people who are scared of them, once they meet them, they are far more, like, ‘Oh, this creature is nice. It has a bad name, but it’s really nice,’” Burns told CTV Vancouver.

Risk and Burns have four boa constrictors between them and will introduce them to yoga practitioners in their studio next year. 

“Growing up, a lot of people had conventional pets in the neighbourhood, and I always, always, always wanted a snake or a lizard,” Risk told CTV News Vancouver.

snake yoga

Katya Suresh/Shutterstock

The $60 class will offer the basics of handling a snake and a yoga flow class with a snake partner.

The studio will have three people and the instructor on hand to teach their clients how to handle and carry the snakes while they are practicing yoga. But it will most likely require some practice. 

“When we’re moving around, when we’re moving with a snake, a snake will adjust to the way that we’re moving,” Rose told CTV News

The studio will offer the classes with TCS Reptiles. The $60 class will offer the basics of handling a snake and a yoga flow class with a snake partner. You can also bring your own snake. For more information, visit TCS Reptiles’ Facebook page. 

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