REPTILES Tat Attack! 2012 Tattoo Contest Winners!

Congratulations to Jordan, Riley and Ari, the three winners of the 2012 Tat Attack! tattoo contest! The competition was fierce, but you three were our favorites! Thanks to everyone who entered.

Jordan Gill

Jordan Gill

1st place $200 winner went to Jordan Gill of Evansville, Ind. Panther chameleon.


Riley Tedrow

Riley Tedrow

2nd place $100 winner went to Riley Tedrow of Wauseon, Ohio. Caduceus with eastern coral snake and scarlet kingsnake.

Ari Flagle

 Ari Flagle

3rd place $50 winner went to Ari Flagle of Fort Worth, Texas. Boelen's python


 See the runners up in the slideshow below


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