The ReptileChannel “Reptile-Loving Zombies Unite!” Halloween Photo Contest




Check out these four REPTILE-LOVING ZOMBIES!


Submitted by Mark Hess, Berwick, PA.


zombines unite

Submitted by Kodie Hayes, Nanjemoy, MD.


zombies unite

Submitted by Marley Weiss, Fort Lewis, WA.


Zombies unite

Submitted by Joshua Dieterle, Springville, CA.



Entrants were asked to submit photos in which a sign reading “Reptile-Loving Zombies Unite for ReptileChannel.com.” The request was for an actual sign, “not a caption or type that has otherwise been added electronically to the photo.”

Mark Hess’ is the only entry that followed the rules precisely as we had in mind. His son, who is in the photo, is holding an actual sign with the requested text written upon it.

Kodie Hayes followed the rules, except that she left the "…for ReptileChannel.com" part of the text off her sign.

Marley Weiss' photo has a sign with the required text, but it appears to be digitally added to the photo. That is not what we had in mind.

And while Joshua’s photo is great, there is no sign at all. So for all we know, this could be a photo that was stolen off the Internet.

We've decided that Mark, Kodie and Marley are all going to get six free "Advanced Vivarium Systems" books of their choice. The reason for three as opposed to the originally announced two winners is because, as written, the rules didn’t expressly forbid someone from adding a sign digitally. Even though that was not what we had in mind, Marley did not break the rules by doing so. And although Kodie left part of the requested text off her sign, we’ve decided not to be too nitpicky about that, especially since these are the only four entries we received! Sorry, Joshua, but the complete absence of the sign is what knocked you out of the competition.

Small deviations from the rules aside, it was all in the spirit of Halloweeen fun, so congratulations to Mark, Kodie and Marley – ALL THREE OF YOU WIN THE REPTILE-LOVING ZOMBIES UNITE! PHOTO CONTEST!


By Russ Case

Despite the decomposition, zombies are people, too. And like ordinary folk, many love reptiles! That’s what we want to show in our 2011 Halloween photo contest!

How to Enter
E-mail photos of yourself, friends, children or relatives in zombie makeup, holding a reptile or reptiles. Submit as many photos as you like. Eligible submissions will be posted on this page. They may also appear on the REPTILES or ReptileChannel Facebook pages.

A sign reading “Reptile-Loving Zombies Unite for ReptileChannel.com” must be visible in the photo. It must be an actual sign, not a caption or type that has otherwise been added electronically to the photo. This is so we know the photo was taken for the contest, and that it was not taken from the Internet.

After the deadline, we'll choose our two favorite photos, and the two people who submitted them will each get to choose six free Advanced Vivarium Systems books from those pictured below!

Type image credit here

Type image description here.


Important Info
The UNDEADline to submit photos is 3 p.m., PST, ON TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 1.

By e-mailing your photos to reptiles@bowtieinc.com, you are stating that the photos are your property, and, if applicable, that you have the permission of the people in the photos to submit them. After submission, the photos become the property of BowTie Inc. Once they have been submitted, BowTie is not responsible for any third-party claims to photo ownership.

The people who submit the winning photos are the people who will be contacted and who will win the prizes. Winners will be notified by e-mail.

E-mail submissions must include your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. Type “ZOMBIE PIC” in the subject field.

Check this page for a link to the contest entrants submissions.





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