Reptile Rescues

If you know of a Reptile Rescue you would like to see included on this list, please send an email to reptileeditor@reptilesmagazine.com with the information and region in the EXACT format of the other listings.


Maine Herp Society; maineherp.org
NEAAR (Maine); reptilerescue.net/index.html
New England Herp Society (Massachusetts); neherp.com
MaxMan Reptile Rescue (New York); maxmanreptilerescue.com


Philadelphia Herp Society (Pennsylvania); herpetology.com/phs.html
TSHS Reptile Rescue (Pennsylvania); kingsnake.com/tshs/home.htm
Lancaster County Herp Society (Pennsylvania); lancasterherp.org
Delaware Valley Herp Society (Pennsylvania); http://dvherps.wordpress.com
Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary (Pennsylvania); forgottenfriend.org
Scales & Tails (New Jersey); scalesandtails.org
Charm City Reptile Rescue (Maryland); http://reptileinfo.com
Mid-Atlantic Turtle & Tortoise Society (Maryland); http://www.matts-turtles.org


SSS Rescue (Northern Virginia); www.sssrescue.org
CCSB Reptile Rescue(Winston-Salem, North Carolina); CCSBReptileRescue.Webs.com; ccsbreptilerescue@live.com
VA Reptile Rescue (Virginia); vareptilerescue.org
VA Herp Society (Virginia); virginiaherpetologicalsociety.com
Iguana FIRST (Virginia and North Carolina); triangleiguanarescue.com
NC Assoc of Reptile Keepers (North Carolina); ncark.org
NC Herp Society (North Carolina); ncherps.org
Central Carolina Reptile Initiative (South Carolina); ccari.org

Great Lakes Region

Arrowhead Reptile rescue (Ohio and Kentucky); arrowheadreptilerescue.org
Cleveland Reptile Rescue (Ohio); clevelandreptilerescue.angelfire.com
Chicago Herp Society; chicagoherp.org
Reptile Ranger's Rescue (Indiana); reptilerangersexoticrescue.weebly.com
Indiana Turtle Care; indianaturtlecare.com
Mid-Michigan Reptile Rescue; michiganreptilerescue.org
Michigan Herp Society; michherp.org/main1.html
Scaly Tailz Reptile and Amphibian Education and Rescue; scalytailz.webs.com
Sleeping Dragon Reptile Rescue (Wisconsin); petfinder.com/shelters/WI124.html
Milwaukee Area Reptile Rescue (Wisconsin); saveourscales.com
Wisconsin Reptiles; wireptiles.com


TN Herp Society (Tennessee); tnherpsociety.org
KY Herp Society (Kentucky); kyherpsoc.org
Central Arkansas Herp Society; herpsofarkansas.com
Herp Helpers Reptile Adoptions (Missouri); http://herp-helper.tripod.com/adoption.html
Nebraska Herp Society; nebherp.org
Reptile Rescue Center (Arkansas); reptilerescuecenter.org
Andre’s Amazon Reptile Center (Colorado); http://andres-amazon.tripod.com
Colorado Reptile Humane Society; corhs.org

Gulf Coast

Louisiana Exotic Animal Resource Network (LEARN); learnaboutcritters.org 
Louisiana Gulf Coast Herp Society; lgchs.org
Reptile Clan Rescue (Florida); reptileclan.com
Sawgrass Herp Society (Florida); angelfire.com/fl/sawgrass
Central Florida Herp Society; cfhs.com
Calusa Herp Society (Florida); calusaherp.org
Central Florida Wildlife Center /Turtle Rescue USA; turtlerescueusa.com/wordpress/?page_id=4
Suncoast Herp Society (Florida); kingsnake.com/suncoastherpsociety/SHSHome.htm


Turtle Talk Rescue (Idaho); turtletalkrescue.com
Idaho Herp Society; idahoherps.org
Pacific NW Herp Society (Washington); pnwhs.org
Exotic Critter Country Reptile Rescue and Adoption Services 360-751-4556 Castle Rock, Wa.https://www.facebook.com/Retiles


San Diego Herp Society (California); sdherpsociety.org
California Turtle and Tortoise Club; tortoise.org
Dallas/Fort Worth Herp Society (Texas); dfwherp.org
Gulf Coast Turtle & Tortoise Society (Texas); gctts.org
Arizona Herp Association; azreptiles.com/forums/portal.php
Rio Grande Turtle & Tortoise Club (New Mexico); rgttc.org
New Mexico Herp Society; nmherpsociety.org
Enchanted Turtle Retreat (New Mexico); enchantedturtle.com
Wichita Falls Reptile Rescue (Texas); freewebs.com/wichitafallsreptilerescue/lizards.htm
Wildlife Rescue (Nevada); wildliferescue.com
Southern Nevada Herp Society; snhs.info
Orange County Reptile Rescue (California); reptilerescueoc.com
Sonoma County Reptile Rescue (California); sonomacountyreptilerescue.com
DFW Reptile Rescue (Burleson, TX)  dfwreptile.myresq.org
Nature's Edge Wildlife Rescue (Fort Worth, TX) www.facebook.com/Naturesedgewildliferescue



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