Herpetological Horrors No. 10

Willard (1971) was a blockbuster (for its time) about a persecuted and disturbed young man who had made friends with an army of rats. Eventually, he sicced them on his brutish boss, who they reduced to pulp. After the deed was done, Willard attempted to dispatch the rats by drowning them. However, they proved waterproof, returned and took their frustrations out on Willard, sending him to the big rubber room in the sky. Ben the rat was their leader, and the movie proved so popular, a sequel – Ben – was quickly produced. The title song was sung by Michael Jackson.



After the success of Willard, some producers and writers apparently got to thinking about similar storylines that could capitalize on people’s fear of animals. And of course snakes came to mind. Hence, Stanley (1972) was loosed upon the moviegoing public.

Stanley is about a young man with a pet rattlesnake. When somebody makes Stanley mad, the rattler comes calling.

And that’s really about all I remember about Stanley. Check out the trailer below, along with three other forgettable horror movie trailers!

The End.


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