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I wrote a little about Facebook in a previous blog, but I'd like to add a few more Neural Firings about this subject. In regard to Facebook, I was one of those holdouts who just wasn’t interested. Many of my friends had Facebook pages for months, and they were pestering me to set one up for myself. But I resisted because I just didn’t care about it. Why would I want to spend a bunch of my time on Facebook? For one thing, that would take away from valuable television-watching time.


Months later I can now say I enjoy Facebook. I set up my personal Facebook page primarily to trade messages back and forth with friends and family, and to subject them all to my various photos, rantings, musings and other unpredictable affronteries that might issue forth from me at any hour of the day. Sometimes I wonder if they all now wish they hadn’t pestered me to set up a Facebook page.

ReptileChannel and REPTILES magazine are in on the Facebook action, too, and I’m increasingly caught up in their presence on Facebook. I’ve written here in “Random Neural Firings” about how my job as a magazine editor has changed so much in recent years, because of an increase in website-related duties. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are becoming an increasingly large part of those duties. They are interesting and kind of fun, in that they do offer some “immediate gratification” interaction that is, naturally, impossible to achieve with a print magazine. Unless you’re crazy and shouting at your magazines, that is.

I don’t think print magazines will ever go away. Of course I’m biased, but most people I talk to feel the same way. We all have our favorite magazines and would be bummed if they ceased to exist in print form. I enjoy reading things on the Internet, but frankly I’m not one of those people who will sit for hours reading a single article on a website. Unless something is extremely witty and entertaining, such as this blog (J), I get squirmy.

This is one reason I find Facebook so agreeable. It’s compact. Not as much as Twitter, which limits text to a very short amount (REPTILES has a Twitter account too; are you following it?), but enough that the back-and-forths on Facebook more resemble an actual conversation, sometimes nearly in real time. I’m having fun popping into the REPTILES and ReptileChannel Facebook pages to chat with fans, post comments, ask a question or, as I just recently did, stage a quick contest.

Just before I went to Toronto last week I was looking at the Photos section on the REPTILES Facebook page, and thought it would be nice to beef up the number of photos that had been posted. Knowing reptile enthusiasts exhibit great pride when it comes to their pets, as well as when taking field photos, I thought it would be fun to have a quick photo contest. I happened to have an extra copy of Chris Mattison’s attractive book, The New Encyclopedia of Snakes, on my bookshelf, so I offered that up as a prize to the photo contest winner.

More than 100 photos were submitted by the time I got back from Toronto a few days later, including some very professional images. The winner was Maik Dobiey, who won with a great photo of a striking bush viper. As I type this the book should be on its way to Maik in Germany. His was a great photo, as were many of the others. It’s always great to interact with reptile fans, and to learn what kind of animals they’re keeping, or even simply like, whether they keep them or not.

Consider becoming a fan of the REPTILES magazine and ReptileChannel Facebook pages. The more the merrier. I’m hoping to do more fun stuff on there, and if you’re reading this blog regularly I’ll assume you already have a high tolerance for my writing. You will get even more on the Facebook pages, just in shorter bursts. If you already belong to Facebook, simply type “Reptiles” into the search window at the top right of the page and you should be able to find us. If you don’t already have a Facebook account, just go to facebook.com to register – it’s super simple – and then search for us.

Hope to see you in Facebook Land soon! And if you are a holdout like I was, c’mon and jump in. You just might be glad you did.



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