Events That Rocked The Reptile World

In his new Reptiles USA article, “Events That Rocked the Herp World,” renowned reptile authority Philippe de Vosjoli talked about 15 groundbreaking occurrences that pushed the reptilekeeping hobby to new levels. It’s a very interesting article, and I highly recommend you read it. It is quite educational.


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Reptiles USA is a companion magazine to the monthly REPTILES. It comes out once a year, and the latest issue, the 2010 annual, should be on newsstands around August 25. It is the 15th anniversary issue, and because of the anniversary we incorporated a “15” theme into the magazine. Thus, the article, “Must-Have Herps” profiles 15 species that could reinvigorate your herpkeeping hobby; “Adventure Awaits” includes 15 tips for planning the perfect field herping expedition; and “Best of the Best” discusses 15 reptile breeder success stories.

While Stephanie Starr, the managing editor on both REPTILES and Reptiles USA, and I were planning the articles for the new Reptiles USA I suggested we run something that highlights 15 important events in the reptilekeeping world. And I really wanted Philippe to write it. He would be the perfect person to do so, having been the editor of The Vivarium and the originator of the Advanced Vivarium Systems books on reptile care. He is also a well-respected herpetoculturist who knows everybody and has been on the reptile scene since the early days. I was very glad he accepted the assignment.

Naturally I want you to read Reptiles USA, and I think all the articles in it are worthwhile. But I did want to call special attention to “Events That Rocked the Reptile World” due to its historical nature. Anyone who is into the reptile hobby should find it quite fascinating and revealing. It’s easy to take some of the cool reptiles and amphibians we see for granted, and this article reveals some of the reptile breeders who were instrumental in some of the most popular species becoming mainstays in the hobby. In addition you’ll learn about other things, such as books that furthered the hobby along -- a list of the titles Philippe considers instrumental is included – and the emergence of important events (namely, the National Reptile Breeders’ Expo, which was just held this past weekend in Daytona Beach, and the International Herpetological Symposium).

Of course there are other articles of interest in the new Reptiles USA, covering topics such as red-eared sliders, White’s treefrogs, tips for hydrating your herps, a list of reptile veterinarians, Russian tortoises, pine snakes, boa constrictors and more. Check it out and learn things you may have never known about reptilekeeping, the best hobby there is!


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