“Random Neural Firings” 2010 Review

The end of the year is always a time to review the past 12 months, and to consider what went well and what didn’t. For instance, I continued an exercise regimen through most of the year, which was good. Then I blew it all off over the holidays and gained weight, which was bad. I imagine this sort of re-examination and weighing this against that is very common among many of you at this time of year. It’s the stuff that New Year’s resolutions are made of. Of course, I’ve never been one to make New Year’s resolutions, and not because I subscribe to the “Why make resolutions only at New Year’s?” school of thought. I don’t make them because I’m generally undisciplined when it comes to such things. I have friends who make life plans for themselves, write down notes, have plenty of goals and proceed methodically in order to achieve those goals (or not). I’m not like that, though I’m not above introspection and a year-end review to help provide some direction for the future.

Beardie at Pomona Reptile Super Show

Which reptile-related blogs were your favorites?

I do the same thing with this blog. I’ll look over the previous year’s worth of “Random Neural Firings” ramblings and re-read a bunch of them. Generally, I still enjoy them, but sometimes I’ll read something that I thought was literary gold when I first wrote it, but that now comes across to me as amateurish claptrap. Previous attempts at exhibiting a rapier wit might now appear as sharp as a Nerf ball, making me cringe upon re-examination. Of course, I’m sure you would disagree, and that you find every one of my blogs the epitome of cleverness. YOU DO, DON’T YOU?!?

Alice In Wonderland

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Do you like an occasional movie review blog, too, even though they’re off topic?

But seriously, I am curious which “Random Neural Firing” blogs from 2010 you liked the most. I’ve covered a lot of topics, mostly reptile related, of course, but with an occasional off-topic subject, such as a movie review. Take a look at the archives; all the blogs are there. Re-read some of them, and please post some comments to let me know which were your favorites. Of course, you’re always welcome to tell me which ones you didn’t like, too, and also feel free to let me know what you think of “Random Neural Firings of a REPTILES Editor” in general. After all, I’m not writing this blog for me, I’m writing it for you. So Happy New Year, and here’s a wish that you get everything you hope for in 2011, including more entertaining and informative random neural firings from this REPTILES magazine editor.

What do you enjoy reading about?

I’m always wondering what topics people enjoy reading about, so let me know what worked for you!

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