Reptile Nation

Reptile Nation

Reptile Nation

Louisiana House Bill 1354

Louisiana HB 1354 would require a commercial permit for anyone who wants to engage in the sale, importation, or handling of native reptile and amphibian species.

Public Comment Extension Honored

USARK request for extension on public comment regarding nine large constrictor snakes will be honored.

USARK Files Appeal with the USGS

USARK Files Appeal with the USGS on Information Quality Act challenge.

Non-Native Amphibians with Chytrid Fungus

The USFWS gets request that non-native amphibians be considered for inclusion in the injurious wildlife regulations under the Lacey Act, unless declared free of chytrid fungus.

California Proposed Herp Ban

New California regulations to ban frogs, turtles and beaded lizards.

Reptile Nation

Reptile Nation

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