Photo Making Rounds Shows White’s Tree Frog Devouring A Hapless Snake

October 18, 2017

Real or Photoshop? A photo posted to Reddit several years ago showing a frog eating a snake is making the rounds again in the news. The image, named "One Last Scream Into The Abyssss," shows a snake’s head, mouth agape as it meets its impending doom by the hungry frog.

Screenshot showing a White's treefrog eating a snake


Screenshot showing a White's treefrog eating a snake.

The frog in question is a White’s tree frog, (Litoria caerulea) or more commonly known in Australia as  an Australian green tree frog or dumpy tree frog, according to conservation biologist Jodi Rowley.

It is not known who captured the image, but the photographer happened to be at the right place at the right time to grab it.

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The White’s tree frog is no ordinary frog. It is known to dine on virtually anything that it can fit into its mouth. It is also known to dine on venomous brown snakes, which some on the Internet speculate the snake in its mouth to be.

If you took this photo we would like to write a story about you and how and where you captured it. Let us know in the comments below.

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