Paroedura lohatsara, Endemic To Madagascar, Listed 34th on ZSL's EDGE List Of Endangered Reptiles

April 20, 2018

Paroedura lohatsara, a small gecko endemic to Montagne des Français massif reserve in northern Madagascar, an area that became protected in 2008. It is ranked 34th on the Zoological Society of London’s EDGE List Of Endangered Reptiles and currently is challenged by habitat degradation due to logging, charcoal extraction, and migrant communities moving into its habitat. Its name, Paroedura lohatsara, means "beautiful head" in the Malagasy language.

Paroedura lohatsara


Paroedura lohatsara is found on a single mountain range in Madagascar.

Paroedura lohatsara is found on a single mountain range in Madagascar, and losses in forest cover are contributing to its demise. The gecko is small, growing to less than three includes in length (6 cm), five to six inches with its tail, and is brown in coloration with black speckles. 

Zoological Society of London Releases EDGE Reptiles List Of Endangered Species

A nocturnal species, Paroedura lohatsara is a ground dwelling species that is also found on boulders as well as in low hanging tree branches. It is listed as critically endangered on the IUCN Red List but is not protected under CITES.

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