North Carolina Man Bitten By King Cobra Earlier This Month Charged With Illegal Animal Ownership

May 25, 2016

The man who was bitten by his pet king cobra earlier this month in North Carolina has been charged with seven counts of illegal animal ownership including two counts of venomous reptile ownership, two counts of crocodilian ownership, two counts of large constricting snakes ownership, and one count of keeping wild and dangerous animals, according to WTVD.

Ali Iyoob, 21, was working with his king cobra May 2 when it bit him on the wrist. Iyoob tried to drive himself to the hospital, but pulled over after the effects of the venom took a toll on his body.

A search warrant was issued at his home, and 60 animals were removed. The search warrant lists a variety of venomous snakes, including a cottonmouth, puff adder, Egyptian Cobra, Sharknose Viper, Lancehead Viper, 2 Zebra Spitting Cobras, Gavan Spitting Cobra, Banded Egyptian Cobra, 2 rattlesnakes, Whitetail Lancehead, Fer de Lance, Tree Viper, and a pair of Monocled Cobras. Ilyoob also had in his position a variety of non-venomous snakes, including unspecified constricting snakes. 

Some of the snakes apparently in Iyoob’s possession were native, in which he apparently didn’t have a permit to keep, while some of the venomous snakes were kept apparently in violation of safe-keeping statutes.

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