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100-Year-Old Tortoise Stolen From Queens, NY Environmental Center

The rock star tortoise participated in many community events.
2017.07.18 01:16 PM

Scientists Release 25 Eastern Indigo Snake Into Alabama Forest

The Eastern indigo snake has not been seen in the wild in Alabama since the 1950s.
2017.07.17 12:48 PM

Baby Sulcata Tortoise Fitted For 3D Printed Legs After Fire Burns Them

A new bulb caused a fire in Bump's enclosure, severely damaging her legs.
2017.07.13 05:21 PM

Beachgoers in Florida Confuse Gopher Tortoises With Sea Turtles and its not Good for the Reptiles

St. Johns County warns folks to not touch gopher tortoises at all unless permission is granted by authorities.
2017.07.12 02:31 PM

Eight Alligators and Venomous Snakes Seized From California Homeowner

An investigation was started by the escape of a monocled cobra 8 weeks ago.
2017.07.06 05:12 PM

Florida Woman Lets Snake Bite Her 1 Year Old Child To Teach Her A Lesson

The woman had a snake in a dust pan and when the child put her hand in the pan she got bit.
2017.06.06 05:35 PM

Man Films Snake Regurgitating Snake It Had Just Eaten in a Case of Ophiophagy

2017.06.05 05:27 PM

Hatchling Turtles Rescued From Los Angeles’ Chinatown

Shopkeepers in Chinatown in Los Angeles have been illegally selling red-eared sliders for decades.
2017.04.13 05:02 PM

Grammar Matters As 3 Judge Panel Lifts Python Ban

USARK Successfully sues to overturn shipment ban on two large constricting snakes.
2017.04.08 08:34 AM

Researchers Discover South American Treefrog That Fluoresces in UVA Light

The South American polka dot tree frog turns from green, yellowish-red to blue and green when exposed to UV light.
2017.03.16 05:32 PM

Newly Discovered Peruvian Frog Named After Sir David Attenborough

A new frog discovered in Peru is named after Sir David Attenbourough.
2017.03.07 04:41 PM

Iguana-like Lizard Species That Lived 75 Million Years Ago Discovered in Montana

2017.03.06 05:45 PM

Aussie Discovers Tiger Snake In Her Christmas Tree

A snake catcher was called to remove the "Christmas present"
2016.12.20 10:13 PM

Were 250 to 300 Salamanders Stolen Or Eaten From a Texas Aquatic Resource Center?

Officials are baffled at the disappearance of so many salamanders.
2016.12.16 11:10 AM

Frog That Disappeared in Area of Australia Rediscovered

The green and golden bell frog has experienced declines in some of its range.
2016.12.01 04:13 PM

Researchers Create Synthetic Version of Golden Poison Dart Frog Poison

The golden poison dart frog has enough poison on its skin to kill 10 people.
2016.11.29 05:14 PM

Maryland Snake House Lawsuit Settled

Terms regarding the settlement were not disclosed.
2016.11.23 08:09 PM

New Gecko Species Discovered in Australia

A researcher thought he found a new species 40 years ago, which has now been confirmed.
2016.11.21 11:27 AM

Police in Arlington, TX Rescue Ball Python

A ball python was rescued by a police officer with the Arlington Police Department in Texas.
2016.11.14 12:04 PM

Thief Steals Pied Ball Python From Repxotica Reptile Store in NY and Crime is Caught on Video

Hopefully the reptile community can ID this guy.
2016.11.08 05:22 PM

Snake on a Plane? Yes it Happened on an Aeromexico Flight to Mexico City

The snake was apparently subdued before the plane made the landing.
2016.11.07 03:42 PM

Beautiful and Deadly Snake Could Hold Key to Better Human Pain Treatment

The long-glanded blue coral snake feeds on young king cobras and other deadly snakes.
2016.11.01 11:19 AM

Gunther’s Sea Snake Found in Waters More Than 400 Kilometers From its Native Range

Microcephalophis cantoris was found more than 400 kilometers from its known native range.
2016.10.13 11:25 AM

New “Graceful” Treefrog Species Discovered in Australia

2016.10.05 12:12 PM
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