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New Ordinance In Pittsburgh For Venomous Reptiles, Alligator and Crocodile Owners

The ordinance should make it safer for residents and the reptiles.
2019.12.09 03:24 PM

Florida’s 2020 Burmese Python Challenge Dates Announced

The Burmese python is well established in the Florida Everglades.
2019.12.06 01:53 PM

Blue-Spotted Tree Monitors Hatch At UK’s Bristol Zoo Gardens

This marks the first time the zoo has successfully hatched the species.
2019.12.05 11:17 AM

Giant Tortoises Have Good Memories

Tortoises were able to select specific colored balls nine years after they were trained to bite it.
2019.12.04 12:39 PM

Florida High School Students First To Dissect Synthetic Frogs

J.W. Mitchell High School in Florida posted on Twitter, a classroom of students dissecting a synthetic frog.
2019.12.03 07:05 PM

Australians Develop Roadmap To Stop Decline Of Its Reptiles

It is hoped that a plan will help to protect the country's native lizards and snakes.
2019.12.02 11:11 AM

Philippine Researchers Employ Lasers And Cameras To Better Study Sea Turtles

The researchers use non-invasive techniques to measure and identify sea turtles.
2019.11.29 11:34 AM

Check Out the Drone Video Of Thousands Of Sea Turtles Heading To Nesting Sites in Costa Rica

The sea turtle drone footage is absolutely incredible.
2019.11.27 01:05 PM

Two Men In Japan Face Reptile Smuggling Charges

Perentie monitor lizards are the fourth largest Varanus lizard in the world and are known for their beautiful skin pattern.
2019.11.26 02:29 PM

North Carolina Aquarium Needs Your Help Naming Baby Loggerhead Turtles

The two baby loggerheads will be released next year.
2019.11.25 03:52 PM

100 Million Year Old Snake With Legs Was Bigger Than Previously Thought

A very well preserved fossil of Najash rionegrina, enabled paleontologists to reassess the timeline of limbs on snakes.
2019.11.24 12:58 AM

Russian Legless Lizard Born At National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium

The Russian legless lizard was born this year after three years of attempts to successfully breed the species. It is not on display at the aquarium.
2019.11.21 11:35 PM

Interactive Map of World's Turtle Communities Created To Help Save Turtle Species

The Chinese Big-headed Turtle is an endangered species, one of 49 turtle species living within the Irrawaddy-Salween-Mekong Turtle Region. Scientists have newly identified this region as a high conservation priority.
2019.11.19 11:22 PM

Roti Island Snake-necked Turtle Hatches At Chatanooga Zoo

The Roti Island Snake-necked Turtle faces threats from the illegal pet trade.
2019.11.18 09:35 PM

Texas-based Sea Turtle Advocacy Nominated For Best Non-Profit Organization

Turtle Island Restoration Network is a finalist for the best non-profit organization award from Galveston.com
2019.11.15 11:10 PM

Researchers Discover New Population of Hellbender Salamanders In Pennsylvania

The hellbender salamander does well in Pennsylvania due to the state's clean water, rocky stream bottoms and abundance of crayfish.
2019.11.14 11:25 PM

Túngara Frogs Mating Calls Also Attract Predators

The little frog has to deal with a double-edged sword just to find a mate.
2019.11.12 10:54 PM

Romer’s Treefrog Rediscovered In Hong Kong

The tiny frog is the smallest amphibian in the Hong Kong Territories.
2019.11.11 10:48 PM

64 Turtles Stolen From Okinawa Zoo

Both species are listed as threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resource
2019.11.08 09:11 AM

Newly Discovered Hybrid Ranavirus Moves Rapidly Through Wood Frog Tadpoles

The study found that the RCV-Z2 ranaviruses can quickly infect amphibian populations
2019.11.06 11:28 PM

First Case Of Snake Fungal Disease Confirmed In California

The California kingsnake infected with snake fungal disease was euthanized.
2019.11.05 10:23 PM

Florida FWC, SFWMD Have Removed More Than 3,600 Burmese Pythons From Everglades

Tom Rahill and the Swamp Apes Team removed the SFWMD's 1,000 snake, a 9 feet, five inch specimen.
2019.11.04 10:00 PM

Australia’s FrogID Week Runs November 8-17. Help Find Frogs!

"We need as many frog calls recorded this year as possible in order to build our database and compare year-on-year information."
2019.11.01 10:18 PM

Juvenile Terrapins Released On Maryland Island

The turtles were rehabilitated before they were released.
2019.10.31 09:30 PM
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