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Ball Python Dumped in Trash at Philadelphia Train Station

Don't throw out your snakes, adopt them out.
2016.02.12 09:49 AM

As Zika Virus Spreads, Argentinians Turn to Frogs and Toads For Mosquito Abatement

Tadpoles of certain frog and toads have been observed feeding on mosquito larvae, but not necessarily the Aedes aegypti mosquito.
2016.02.11 05:42 PM

Doodle4Google Contest Entry Features a Reptile Lover’s Art

Vote now so we can see reptiles on the Google home page!
2016.02.11 02:56 PM

City of Norman in Oklahoma Considers Python and Boa Ban

Estimates put 800 to 1,200 people in jeopardy of losing their pet snakes.
2016.02.10 12:20 PM

Comedian Kevin Hart Freaks as Ice Cube Handles a Black-headed Python

“Look at that face look at that face? Why his face all black like that? Cube’s about to die!”
2016.02.09 11:12 AM

Two Green Anacondas Found on Florida’s Space Coast

The snakes are presumed to be pets at one point
2016.02.08 12:43 PM

Radiated Tortoise Stolen From Australia’s Perth Zoo

The radiated tortoise has been missing since February 1
2016.02.05 04:53 PM

Check Out These Super Cute Beaded Lizards That Hatched at the Columbus Zoo

2016.02.04 12:50 PM

Dead 17-Foot Reticulated Python Found in Riverside Calif. Trash Dump

It is illegal in Riverside, Calif. to dump dead pets in the regular trash.
2016.02.03 11:58 AM

Baby Red Eared Sliders With Painted Shells Sold at a Reptile Expo in Oklahoma

The vendor claimed that they were modified like GloFish when it is obvious they were painted.
2016.02.01 11:53 AM

Family Claims

2016.01.29 03:20 PM

Hellbender Salamander Conceived With Cryopreserved Sperm Hatches at Nashville Zoo

It is hoped that assisted reproductive technology can help bolster wild populations of the Eastern Hellbender Salamander.
2016.01.28 01:36 PM

Black and White Tegus Can Warm Their Bodies During Mating Season

Tegus can maintain their internal body temperatures from 4 to 10°C higher than their burrows
2016.01.28 12:42 PM

Real or Photoshop? Photo Shows What Appears to Be Boa Constrictor Wrapped Around Coyote in Florida

2016.01.27 05:08 PM

Puma Releases Coral Snake Inspired Shoes

Want a new pair of kicks to show at the next reptile expo?
2016.01.27 11:32 AM

This Pac Man Frog Isn’t Too Happy Being Poked

Horned frogs are known to have painful bites.
2016.01.26 01:27 PM

King Brown Snake Hatchling Yawning In Its Shell Goes Viral

The little hatchling became a sensation on Facebook
2016.01.25 12:06 PM

Indian Treefrog Rediscovered, Placed in Brand New Genus

Franky’s treefrog was rediscovered by accident by renowned biologist Sathyabhama Das Biju
2016.01.21 12:35 PM

One of Alan Rickman’s Last Acting Gigs Was a PSA With a Tortoise to Help Refugees

Rickman lended his voice to help Save the Children
2016.01.19 11:39 AM

Newfie Saves Stranded Sea Turtle

Newfoundland dogs are great swimming dogs who work as rescue dogs.
2016.01.18 12:00 PM

California Gynecologist Sentenced For Stalking With Snake

The woman purchased a ball python and placed it in her husband's bedroom in an effort to exact revenge.
2016.01.15 05:04 PM

Japanese Scientists Regenerate Functional Joints in Xenopus laevis

Xenopus laevis can regenerate functional joints after amputation.
2016.01.15 03:01 PM

Frozen Red-Eared Slider Brought Back to Life

The red-eared slider was given up by its owners and the Pennsylvania SPCA is considering whether to file charges.
2016.01.14 05:28 PM

Interim Ban Placed on Importation and Interstate Transport of 201 Salamander Species

2016.01.14 01:04 PM
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