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Snake Fungal Disease Confirmed In Indiana

Species that tested positive for SFD in the state include the northern water snake, racer, milk snake, and queen snake.
2018.05.18 02:58 PM

Man Who Shot And Killed Sulcata Tortoise Reaches Settlement With Owner

Merlin the sulcata tortoise was just 16 years old when he was shot and killed.
2018.05.18 02:02 PM

Florida Woman Rescues Injured Turtle On Road, Which Promptly Lays Eggs In Her Car

The turtle was given antibiotics and will soon be released back into the wild.
2018.05.17 05:56 PM

New Guinea Lizards Have Lime Green Blood And Toxic Bile

These green-blooded reptiles have high levels of green bile pigment and are resistant to bile pigment toxicity.
2018.05.17 03:34 PM

Florida Man Arrested In Case Of Gopher Tortoise Painted Red

A 37-year-old man was arrested for littering and possession of a gopher tortoise.
2018.05.16 03:24 PM

Turtle And Tortoise Adoption Event In Southern California Takes Place May 19

The club will educate attendees of the event on how to keep chelonians.
2018.05.16 12:42 PM

Florida Woman Finds Gopher Tortoise Someone Painted Blue

Paint on a tortoise's shell can cause significant health issues.
2018.05.15 03:03 PM

Texas Residents Encouraged To Fill Out Texas Invasive Brown Anole Survey

The invasive brown anole competes with native green anoles for food and brown anoles are also known to eat young green anoles.
2018.05.15 12:11 PM

Snake Makes Minor League Debut At San Antonio Missions Baseball Game

The snake was swarmed almost immediately after it took to the field.
2018.05.14 02:54 PM

New Jersey Fourth Graders Testify In Favor Of Bog Turtle For State Reptile

The bog turtle is one of North America’s smallest turtle species and also one of its rarest.
2018.05.14 12:00 PM

Origin Of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis Came From Asian Amphibians, New Study Says

Researchers determined that based on DNA data, the fungus came out of Asia between 50 and 120 years ago.
2018.05.11 04:20 PM

Politician In South Carolina Gets Flack For Shooting Snakes Ad

According to the South Carolina Fish and Wildlife Service, finding an eastern diamondback rattlesnake in Fair Play is highly unlikely.
2018.05.11 12:14 PM

Alabama Man Fights For His Life After Coral Snake Bite

Jeffrey Phillips apparently thought the snake he picked up was a kingsnake.
2018.05.10 03:54 PM

Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley Zoo Seeks Funds For Aldabra Tortoise Exhibit

The Lehigh Valley Zoo in Schnecksville, PA hopes to build a walk-thru Aldabra tortoise exhibit and is soliciting donations to help build it.
2018.05.10 01:58 PM

South Carolina Aquarium Will Livestream The Release of Two Rehabilitated Sea Turtles

The two sea turtles spent nearly a year in rehabilitation.
2018.05.09 03:56 PM

Ranavirus Confirmed In Canadian Reptile For First Time

The virus has been detected in reptiles in the United States, but not in Canada, until now.
2018.05.09 11:50 AM

Woman In Hawaii Captures Invasive Iguana On Video, Which Goes Viral On Social Media

Iguanas are not native to Hawaii and are believed to be established in certain areas on Oahu and Maui islands.
2018.05.08 02:25 PM

Endangered Species Protection Sought For Dunes Sagebrush Lizard

Much of the dunes sagebrush lizard's habitat is found in oil rich west Texas.
2018.05.08 01:21 PM

Hawaii Conservation Police Seek Info On Sea Turtle Killer

The green sea turtle is protected by state and federal law in Hawaii.
2018.05.07 01:23 PM

Man Rolls Down Car Window To Save Squirrel Tree Frog From Certain Death

Conservation biologist David Steen is always working, even when he is going to work.
2018.05.07 12:15 PM

Momma Possum Fends Off Carpet Python That Tried To Eat Her Baby

The carpet python had to give up its meal thanks to a relentless attack from momma possum.
2018.05.04 01:37 PM

North Carolina Police Officer Escorts Snapping Turtle Across The Road

Cpl. B.M. Glover, helping a snapping turtle across a two lane road in the town
2018.05.04 01:04 PM

UK Sand Lizard Population Bolstered With Release Of 21 Captive-Bred Lizards

The sand lizard is listed as threatened in the UK and protected under UK law.
2018.05.03 02:08 PM

Spartanburg Science Center Looking For Its Missing Sulcata Tortoise

Imhotep is an important part of the center's educational programming.
2018.05.03 11:57 AM
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