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Seeking Support For New Research Investigating Color Change In Green Anoles

In this experimental study, there will be two main hypotheses tested.
2019.10.20 09:53 PM

University Of Florida Provost Records Coral Snake Getting Stung While Trying To Eat Rat Snake

The coral snake was trying to eat the rat snake when a wasp decided to disrupt it.
2019.10.19 08:38 PM

Two Arrested For Poaching More Than 4000 Wild Turtles In Florida

The investigation concluded that the poachers took more than 4,000 turtles from the wild illegally and sold them over a six month period
2019.10.18 10:58 PM

Research Shows Chytrid Fungus Survives In Warm Tropical Lowlands

Lab studies have shown the fungus cannot survive in temperatures above 29 degrees celsius, but researchers found the fungus surviving in frogs living in temperatures that surpass that threshold.
2019.10.17 11:04 PM

Habitat Protections For Black Pine Snake Under Review

The habitat of the black pine snake has been under consideration for protections for years.
2019.10.16 01:48 PM

21 People Infected By Salmonella Via Pet Turtles, CDC Says

Red-eared slider turtles, like all reptiles, carry Salmonella.
2019.10.10 07:50 PM

California Fish And Wildlife Recommends Protections For Yellow-Legged Frog

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has recommended endangered species act protections for five populations of yellow-legged frogs.
2019.10.09 07:21 PM

Baby Sea Turtle Found With 104 Pieces of Marine Plastics In Its Stomach

The baby loggerhead starved to death after ingesting so much plastic pollution.
2019.10.08 06:20 AM

Komodo Island Will Be Restricted To Premium Tourists, Won’t Be Closed

It is estimated that there are less than 5,000 Komodo dragons left in the wild, all in Indonesia's Komodo Island National Park.
2019.10.03 11:06 AM

Wild Glass Frog Trade Should Be Stopped, South American States Say

Glass frog populations have been decimated in the wild by the wildlife trade, scientists say.
2019.10.02 06:41 PM

Florida Fish And Wildlife Wants Help In Controlling Tegu Population

The Argentine black and white tegu is established in Florida. The FWC wants your help in controlling its population.
2019.09.30 01:45 PM

A Loggerhead Sea Turtle As Florida City Mayor? Why Not!

Elizabeth 'Sea Turtle' Drayer is running for mayor of Clearwater, FL.
2019.09.27 03:28 PM

Several Hundred Reptiles And Amphibians Removed From California Reptile Rescue

The county received complaints of a foul odor emanating from the facility.
2019.09.26 02:35 PM

80 Juvenile Sand Lizards Released Near Farnborough, England

Some of the sand lizards were outfitted with radio transmitters to track their movements.
2019.09.25 09:23 AM

Trump Admin Fails To Protect Florida Keys Mole Skink, Lawsuit Claims

The Florida Keys mole skink lives on a small geographic location in the Florida Keys.
2019.09.24 06:27 PM

Want to sell REPTILES magazine in your store?

2019.09.24 08:55 AM

This Is Why You Shouldn't Taunt A Snake

The snake gets his revenge for being mistreated.
2019.09.23 03:40 PM

Think Twice Before Using Glue Or Sticky Traps, You Might Catch A Reptile

If you use glue traps and an animal such as a snake or lizard gets stuck in it, you can use nearly any oil used for cooking to help free the animal.
2019.09.20 02:47 PM

Researchers Discover Two New Salamander Species Thought To Be World’s Largest

The South China giant salamander (Andrias sligoi) a new and much larger species of salamander.
2019.09.19 12:57 PM

Chattanooga Zoo Hatches Out Three Komodo dragons

The Komodo dragons might have been born via parthenogenesis.
2019.09.17 02:51 PM

Corn Snake Stuck In Hide Freed By Firefighters

It took some doing, but this corn snake was freed by firefighters.
2019.09.16 12:49 PM

University Of Northern Colorado Snake Expert Helps Convict Man Who Injected Venom Into Child

The 51-year-old man awaits sentencing.
2019.09.13 09:38 AM

Sea Turtle Speared In Florida Recovering At Turtle Hospital

Splinter is in recovery after the 3-foot long spear was removed from her body.
2019.09.10 03:12 PM

Conservationists Sue USFWS For Denying Sonoran Desert Tortoise ESA Protections

The USFWS changed its mind on putting the tortoise on the Endangered Species Act list.
2019.09.09 02:54 PM
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