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RSPCA in the UK Investigating Abandoned Beardie, Savannah Monitor Crime

2015.02.26 03:05 PM

Man Faces 6 Months in Jail For Standing on Galapagos Tortoise

2015.02.25 11:13 AM

Frozen Ball Python Found on NYC Street

2015.02.23 11:03 AM

Bloomington, Indiana Reptile Rescue Looking for New Digs

2015.02.20 03:10 PM

Tiger Snake with Charcot's Disease Stolen From Keeper's Home

2015.02.18 12:03 PM

Skateboarding Sulcata Tortoise

2015.02.13 01:34 PM

Pet Corn Snake Survives 8 Months on the Loose in Brooklyn, NY

2015.02.11 11:37 AM

Red Tail Coral Snake Venom Activates Nerve Cell Proteins That Cause Seizures

2015.02.10 12:53 PM

First Case of Siamese Twins in Varanus Melinus Reported

2015.02.09 05:37 PM

Theft or Escape? Brazilian Rainbow Boa Missing From College in Vermont

2015.02.06 01:45 PM

20 Critically Endangered Ploughshare Tortoises Released on Madagascar

2015.02.05 12:23 PM

New Species of Andean Water Frog Discovered in Peru

2015.02.04 12:15 PM

Kentucky Reptile Zoo Director Survives 9th Venomous Snake Bite in 38 Years

2015.02.04 11:16 AM

Bearded Dragon That Needed to Get To Florida for Surgery Has Died

2015.02.03 11:49 AM

Rocky the Tiger Snake with Charcot’s Disease is a Media Sensation

2015.02.02 01:30 PM

Rat Eradication Effort Pays Dividends For Galapagos Island Tortoises

2015.01.30 07:11 PM

Chinese Officials Busted for Eating Chinese Giant Salamander

2015.01.30 06:09 PM

50K People Sign Petition to Stop Georgia’s Last Rattlesnake Roundup

2015.01.29 12:44 PM

Suspects in Murder of Costa Rican Sea Turtle Activist Acquitted

2015.01.28 12:05 PM

Snake Fossil Record Rewritten

2015.01.27 01:50 PM

Bearded Dragon With Cancer Needs Transport to Florida

2015.01.26 10:53 AM

Texas Designates Austin Blind Salamander as Endangered Species

2015.01.23 11:39 AM

Politics Kill 14-Year-Old’s Bill to Name Idaho Giant Salamander as State’s Official Amphibian

2015.01.22 12:06 PM

Scientists To Study Lesser Known Flatback Sea Turtle

2015.01.21 12:53 PM
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