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Due to COVID-19 Lockdown, Satellite-Tracking Equipped Juvenile Green Sea Turtles Released By USCG

Three six-month-old green sea turtle outfitted with satellite tracker were released by the U.S. Coast Guard.
2020.04.02 05:56 PM

New Species Of Dragon Lizard Discovered In Southern Africa

Smaug swazicus, or Swazi dragon lizard grows up to 13 inches from snout to the tip of its tail
2020.04.01 03:19 PM

Colorful New Egg-Eating Snake Species Discovered In Sri Lanka

Dryocalamus chithrasekarai, or Chithrasekara’s bridle snake, is black or brown and white in coloration.
2020.03.31 06:58 PM

Why Some Frogs Skulls Have Evolved With Body-Like Armor

What is not known is if the frogs evolved to eat larger prey or if they had the armored heads all along.
2020.03.30 04:05 PM

California Desert Tortoise Needs Stronger Protections, Conservation Group Says

It is speculated that there are more desert tortoises in captivity than in the wild.
2020.03.26 03:07 PM

Snake Venom Evolved To Subdue Prey Rather Than For Protection, Study Says

Spitting cobras seem to be the only exception and use venom as a defense mechanism.
2020.03.25 06:00 PM

West Virginia May Ban Collection of Box Turtles, Hognose Snakes, Other Reptiles

State law currently allows the collection of four eastern box turtles.
2020.03.23 04:49 PM

Seized Indian Star Tortoises Tagged And Released Back Into Wild

The reptiles were seized from smugglers in Singapore back in 2018.
2020.03.20 05:00 PM

Tesla Installs Sand Lizard Fences At Gigafactory In Grünheide Germany

The sand lizard is a European protected species and is listed as threatened under UK law.
2020.03.19 06:12 PM

Warming Mountaintops May Cause Greek Meadow Viper To Become Extinct

The Greek meadow viper is a cold weather species found on alpine mountains.
2020.03.18 08:48 PM

Sea Turtle Recovering After She Was Found Tangled In 37 Pounds Of Marine Trash

Katydid could not dive for food and was found starving.
2020.03.17 01:21 PM

“Snake Road” In Illinois’ Shawnee National Forest To Close Week Of March 15

Now is the time to herp Snake Road.
2020.03.16 07:26 PM

Tiniest Dinosaur Of All Time Discovered Encased In Amber

Oculudentavis khaungraae has bones similar to that of living lizards.
2020.03.13 02:36 PM

New Frog Species Of The Genus Walkerana Discovered In India’s Western Ghats

Walkerana muduga, was collected in 2016 by a team led by Dr. S. P. Vijayakumar of the Indian Institute of Science.
2020.03.12 06:22 PM

Trump Administration Sued For Failing To Protect 8 Skink Species

The USFWS failed to act on a 12-month review of the reptiles.
2020.03.11 03:11 PM

Puerto Rican Crested Anoles Evolve To Withstand Heat Of The City

Not only can the Puerto Rican crested anole tolerate cold more than its island counterparts, it evolved to better deal with heat.
2020.03.10 03:13 PM

As Plastic Soaks In The Ocean It Begins To Smell Like Food, And Sea Turtles Ingest It

Plastic in the ocean is coated with algae and microorganisms that the turtles mistake for food.
2020.03.09 07:10 PM

Reticulated Flatwoods Salamander Successfully Bred At San Antonio Zoo

The reticulated flatwoods salamander is listed as vulnerable by the IUCN.
2020.03.06 12:41 PM

Biofluorescence Is Strong In Certain Amphibians

It is not known why some amphibians glow brightly when exposed to UV light.
2020.03.05 02:51 PM

Komodo Dragons Conceived At Chattanooga Zoo Via Parthenogenesis

The three Komodo dragons were on display for three days last week.
2020.03.04 03:05 PM

Man In Ireland Treated For Venomous Snake Bite

The puff adder is found in nearly all of sub-Saharan Africa, South Africa, and on the Arabian Peninsula into Saudi Arabia and Yemen.
2020.03.03 01:51 PM

Researchers Find 20 Million-Year-Old Anole Forefoot Preserved In Amber

While the image is finely detailed, there is very little left of the structure of the leg.
2020.03.02 06:58 PM

Snake Saved By Veterinarian After It Ate Beach Towel

The 18-year-old jungle carpet python went home the same day, a little hungry but otherwise healthy.
2020.03.01 01:24 PM

USFWS Seeks Comment On Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake Draft Recovery Plan

The venomous reptile is one of the smallest rattlesnakes in the United States
2020.02.27 04:17 PM
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