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Rhode Island Police Looking For Man Who Allegedly Left Turtle Frozen In Enclosure

A red-eared slider was found frozen in its enclosure. Luckily it survived.
2018.02.16 04:02 PM

Toad Eats Beetle Then Pukes It Out After Beetle Lets Loose Chemical Defense

The bombardier beetle has a novel defense when ingested, it lets loose a toxic chemical spray from its abdomen.
2018.02.16 03:01 PM

Connecticut Needs Folks To Count Frogs

Can you distinguish the call of a spring peeper? If so, the Connecticut chapters of FrogWatch USA needs you to help them count.
2018.02.15 03:01 PM

Tiger Snake Crawling On A Wire Garners More Than 2 Million Views

Tiger snakes are one of three venomous snake species on Tasmania.
2018.02.14 03:24 PM

50 Duvaucel’s Geckos Released On Island They Once Roamed

The Dvaucel's geckos were devastated by introduced mammals such as rats, cats and ferrets.
2018.02.14 09:19 AM

Chrissy Teigen Introduces Her Daughter To A Bearded Dragon

Time will tell if Teigen's daughter becomes a reptile lover.
2018.02.13 04:29 PM

Iranian Military Adviser Says The West Is Using Lizards To Spy On Its Nuclear Ambitions

Could reptiles be used to spy for the West?
2018.02.13 02:39 PM

Ball Python Saved From St. Louis Housefire

A St. Louis Fire Department firefighter saved a ball python from a house fire.
2018.02.12 02:14 PM

Romeo, The Last Frog Of His Species Seeks Mate Through Match.com

Romeo, a Sehuencas water frog (Telmatobius yuracare) is looking for a mate.
2018.02.12 10:44 AM

Snakes Spread Plant Seeds Via The Rodents They Eat

Researchers say the role of snakes as ecosystem servicers should be further studied.
2018.02.09 03:15 PM

The Solution For Keeping Monitor Lizards From Raiding Sea Turtle Nests? Cane Toads

Researchers have found that dead cane toads placed on top of sea turtle nests deter monitor lizards from pilfering the eggs.
2018.02.08 04:10 PM

Florida Gopher Tortoise Day Is April 10

Gopher Tortoise Day is a fun informational day for the entire family.
2018.02.07 04:05 PM

Photo Shows King Cobra And Reticulated Python Caught In Deadly Embrace

The king cobra wanted to eat, but both died in the fight for survival.
2018.02.05 03:33 PM

Salt Shown To Clear Chytrid Fungus From Frogs

Translocated Australian green and golden bell frogs bred in captivity and released into habitats where salt was added to the water resulted in a 70 percent increased survival rate.
2018.02.05 02:49 PM

South Carolina Aquarium Receives $300K Pledge To Expand Sea Turtle Exhibit

The funds will help the aquarium build a new educational exhibit at the aquarium’s sea turtle area.
2018.02.02 01:40 PM

Desert Tortoise Mojave Maxine Leaves Burrow, Signaling Spring Has Arrived

Spring has arrived on the West Coast of the United States.
2018.02.02 11:54 AM

Two Men Sentenced To 7 Months Federal Prison For Poaching Sea Turtle Eggs In Florida

There is a thriving black market for sea turtle eggs in South Florida.
2018.02.01 03:05 PM

New Coral Snake Species Of The Genus Calliophis Described In The Philippines

Calliophis salitan is closely related to four other Philippine-native snakes, Calliophis bivirgatus, C. bilineatus, C. philippinus, and C. suluensis.
2018.01.31 04:31 PM

More Than 80% Of Amphibian Species In India's Western Ghats Under Threat Of Extinction

Noted Indian herpetologist Dr. SD Biju says that 80 percent of amphibian species in India are threatened with extinction.
2018.01.31 03:28 PM

New Hemidactylus Gecko Species Discovered In Tamil Nadu, India

Hemidactylus vanam is a large gecko of about 112.2mm in length.
2018.01.30 02:16 PM

Auckland Zoo Successfully Hatches First Galapagos Tortoise In New Zealand

After a four month incubation time, the first Galapagos tortoise hatched December 30, 2017.
2018.01.30 12:38 PM

Western Pond Turtle In California With Cracked Shell On The Mend

The turtle was found in a Target store parking lot with a cracked shell.
2018.01.29 03:34 PM

Sea Turtles Found Cold-Stunned In Florida Released

Sea turtles that were found cold-stunned in early January have been released by Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Florida.
2018.01.26 04:47 PM

Cane Toads Rapidly Adjust To Cooler Temperatures, Study Says

The cane toad, native to Central America, is invasive in Australia and Hawaii.
2018.01.26 04:18 PM
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