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How Do Alaskan Wood Frogs Freeze and Thaw?

Alaskan wood frogs can freeze and thaw due to sugar buildup in their bodies.
2014.07.24 11:31 AM

Two Teen Girls Set Endangered Gopher Tortoise on Fire

Florida Fish and Wildlife is working with the state attorney's office to consider charges.
2014.07.23 11:53 AM

Urban Legend? Is There Any Evidence of a Green Anaconda Swimming in New Jersey’s Lake Hopatcong?

The green anaconda can grow to more than 20 feet in length and is considered the heaviest snake in the world.
2014.07.22 10:17 AM

Iowa Snake Breeder’s Application for Home-Based Business Permit Denied by City

Thompson can double the number of snakes he keeps, but cannot reduce the number by selling them.
2014.07.21 09:45 AM

Minnesota Snake Breeder Scott Nellis Passes Home Inspection

Scott Nellis can continue to breed certain snakes in his home-based business.
2014.07.18 08:33 AM

Student in Japan Films Japanese Giant Salamander Near Drainage Canal

The giant salamander is listed as near threatened by the IUCN.
2014.07.16 12:50 PM

Petco to Hold Nationwide Reptile Rally July 19

Event will enable customers to learn about keeping reptiles s pets.
2014.07.15 01:11 PM

Frogs Can Resist Chytrid Fungus

Study says frogs that survive exposure to chytrid build resistance to the fungus.
2014.07.14 01:32 PM

USARK Constrictor Rule Update: July 14, 2014

Deadline is July 24. Comment NOW
2014.07.14 10:18 AM

California Python Breeder Pleads Guilty to Misdemeanor Animal Abuse

School teacher became distraught after death of his mother and neglected his snakes.
2014.07.11 11:02 AM

New Warty Indian Gecko Species Discovered at the National History Museum in London

Hemidactylus acanthopholis was discovered not in the forests of India's Western Ghats, but in London's Natural History Museum.
2014.07.10 10:03 AM

Nashville Zoo Debuts Komodo Dragon Exhibit

Two female Komodo dragons from the Los Angeles Zoo will be on display in temporary enclosures.
2014.07.09 12:28 PM

Two Garter Snake Species Get Endangered Species Act Protection

Protections for these snakes will go into effect August 7, 2014.
2014.07.08 01:02 PM

Frogs Jump Differently Based on Their Environment

Not all frogs can jump as far as the "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County."
2014.07.07 02:47 PM

Tortoise Takes Play out of Uruguay's Luis Suarez's Playbook and Bites His Opponent

A tortoise plays with a dog's ball, and the dog doesn't like it.
2014.07.06 05:40 PM

Reptile Room at Australian High School Catches Fire

About 15 of 50 reptiles perish at Lilydale High School in Melbourne.
2014.07.03 10:30 AM

Burglar Caught on Camera Stealing $30K Worth of Rare Pythons

35 snakes were taken, including a pied tiger reticulated python worth $12,500.
2014.07.02 12:30 PM

It is Official! The California Red-Legged Frog Is That State's Amphibian!

The California red-legged frog is now the official state amphibian of California.
2014.06.30 12:04 PM

Python Ban Update: Now is the Time to Comment

Four large constricting snakes have already been banned.
2014.06.27 09:33 AM

Florida Man Arrested For Stealing 8 Pythons, 2 Boas and 2 Bearded Dragons

Police are looking for the second suspect who may have the reptiles in question.
2014.06.26 11:09 AM

Dyeing Dart Frog Color Patterns Differ From Frog to Frog

The varying color patterns of dyeing dart frogs affect how potential predators see the frogs.
2014.06.25 11:18 AM

The Memphis Zoo Welcomes Carl the King Cobra and a Prehensile-Tailed Skink

Carl, the king cobra is a new resident at the Memphis Zoo's Herpetarium.
2014.06.24 03:01 PM

Woman's Stolen Bearded Dragon Recovered Safely

Police investigation continues after they retrieve bearded dragon from Pomona, Calif. man.
2014.06.24 11:26 AM

Willow Smith Loves Snakes!

Daughter of Will Smith has been keeping snakes for more than six years.
2014.06.23 11:16 AM

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