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Pumpkin Toadlets Have Lost Ability To Hear Own Mating Calls

The toadlets continue the call because other frogs can still see visual cues, such as movement of the throat, researchers say.
2017.09.21 03:47 PM

Man Who Shot And Killed Pet Tortoise Faces Charge Of Criminal Mischief

Merlin was shot and killed by a man who claimed to think he was dangerous.
2017.09.21 02:31 PM

New Disease A Threat To North American Frogs

Severe Perkinsea Infection (SPI), is caused by a single celled parasitic organism that kills tadpoles.
2017.09.20 01:50 PM

Dixie Valley Toad Needs Emergency Endangered Species Protections, Nonprofit Says

The Dixie Valley Toad was discovered in the summer of 2017.
2017.09.20 01:17 PM

Leopard Frog In Canada Gets Help As Calgary Zoo Starts Breeding Program

The British Columbia northern leopard frog has seen its populations dwindle for the last 40 years.
2017.09.19 03:38 PM

Endangered California Tiger Salamander Gets Tunnel Under Highway

A new tunnel between Buellton and Lompoc, Calif. will enable the California tiger salamander to cross under a busy road rather than over it, thanks to a tunnel constructed by Caltrans.
2017.09.18 03:26 PM

Arizona Man Who Played With And Planned To Eat A Rattlesnake Gets Bit Instead

The 49-year-old was rushed to the hospital where he survived to tell his tale.
2017.09.18 09:51 AM

Support Blanding's Turtle Restoration By 'Adopting' One

The Blanding's turtle adoption program will enable scientists to determine the best locations for restoration of the species.
2017.09.15 03:09 PM

Boa Constrictor Saved By Conservation Officers In Saskatchewan, Canada

This 5-foot boa constrictor was safely removed from a road in Saskatoon, Canada
2017.09.15 02:13 PM

Snow-Dwelling Frog Faces Extinction As Researchers Try To Save Species

The Baw Baw frog was once abundant in Australia’s Baw Baw Plateau.
2017.09.14 03:57 PM

Breeding Program Launched For Extinct Galapagos Tortoise

A breeding program at the Galapagos National Park in the Galapagos Islands will hopefully result in Floreana giant tortoise offspring.
2017.09.14 02:48 PM

Fungus That Rapidly Kills Salamanders Spreading Across Germany

Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans can kill salamanders in as little as four days.
2017.09.13 04:04 PM

Beautiful New Species Of Rhabdops Snake Discovered In India

Rhabdops aquaticus hails from the Western Ghats of India and is often observed in bodies of water.
2017.09.13 02:32 PM

Little Green Anole Survives Hurricane Irma Thanks To Some Cute Kids

Coconutter lives on a porch in Florida. He was brought inside to escape the winds of Hurricane Irma.
2017.09.12 12:39 AM

Two-headed Timber Rattlesnake Found In Arkansas

The two-headed timber rattlesnake is about 10 inches in length. It is currently being nursed back to health.
2017.09.11 04:05 PM

California Man Faces 20 Years In Jail For Smuggling Three King Cobras Into The United States

The venomous snakes were smuggled into the United States in potato chip cans.
2017.09.08 02:15 PM

Two Lizard Species Slow High Speed Rail Project In Germany

Efforts have been underway for several months to relocate the lizards.
2017.09.08 01:55 PM

Study Suggests Pollution Causes Sea Snakes To Change Color

Some populations of turtle-headed sea snake have lost their stripes.
2017.09.07 04:56 PM

Pet Boa Constrictor Missing In Minnesota

Rocky has been missing from his home in Princeton, MN since September 6.
2017.09.07 03:58 PM

Sulcata Tortoise Escapes Its Yard, Is Shot And Killed By Neighbor

The neighbor said he feared the tortoise would bite someone.
2017.09.07 02:50 PM

100 Mini Masterpieces of Snake-Inspired Art Sale To Benefit Zoo Knoxville

The sale of the snake-themed art will benefit the zoo.
2017.09.07 01:19 PM

Snake Lost During Move To New Apartment Found A Few Doors Down

The ball python went missing when a vent on its enclosure got dislodged.
2017.09.05 02:57 PM

Severely Swollen Musk Turtle Abandoned In UK Park Doing Much Better

The RSPCA is looking for any information on the person who abandoned the sick reptile.
2017.09.05 01:51 PM

Monitor Lizard In 10-Hour Standoff With Illinois Police Surrenders Peacefully

The 6-year-old, 3-foot long reptile spent more than 10 hours on the lam.
2017.09.01 01:51 PM
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