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Study Says Ecopassages That Let Turtles Cross Under Roads Don’t Always Work

2015.03.26 12:38 PM

Frog Discovered in Ecuador Shape Shifts Like Star Trek's Changeling Odo

2015.03.25 11:37 AM

Tegu Looking for its Owner in Fontana, Calif.

2015.03.24 01:13 PM

Certain Panamanian Golden Frogs Survive Exposure to Chytrid

2015.03.19 11:44 AM

Scientists Show How Water Bounces Off Gecko Skin Like Popcorn

2015.03.18 01:00 PM

​Petland Will No Longer Sell Large Constricting Snakes

2015.03.17 03:37 PM

Did St. Patrick Really Banish Snakes From Ireland?

2015.03.17 12:31 PM

Warning: Graphic Video of Dogs Attacking a Cobra

2015.03.17 11:16 AM

California’s Desert Tortoise Gains 11 Square Miles of Habitat

2015.03.16 12:19 PM

RIP: U.S. Soldier Dies of Venomous Snake Bite in Kenya

2015.03.13 12:40 PM

Video: See the Building of the Titanoboa Replica in 36 Seconds

2015.03.12 02:03 PM

How Does the Panther Chameleon Change Colors?

2015.03.11 12:50 PM

Black Pine Snake Habitat Protections Proposed by USFWS

2015.03.11 11:20 AM

Andinobates geminisae Dart Frog Successfully Bred in Captivity

2015.03.09 04:51 PM

Reticulated Python, 3 Anacondas added to Injurious Species List as Boa Constrictor is Spared

2015.03.06 01:46 PM

Sulcata Tortoise and Pit Bull Are Best of Friends

2015.03.05 01:37 PM

Herpetologist Photographs Male Black and White Tegus Trying to Mate with Dead Female

2015.03.03 11:42 AM

Role Reversal: Snake is not a Problem For Newscaster But Gecko is

2015.03.02 01:02 PM

RSPCA in the UK Investigating Abandoned Beardie, Savannah Monitor Crime

2015.02.26 03:05 PM

Man Faces 6 Months in Jail For Standing on Galapagos Tortoise

2015.02.25 11:13 AM

Frozen Ball Python Found on NYC Street

2015.02.23 11:03 AM

Bloomington, Indiana Reptile Rescue Looking for New Digs

2015.02.20 03:10 PM

Tiger Snake with Charcot's Disease Stolen From Keeper's Home

2015.02.18 12:03 PM

Skateboarding Sulcata Tortoise

2015.02.13 01:34 PM
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