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1.8 Billion Southern Red Back Salamanders and Counting!

2014.11.21 11:31 AM

Want to Add This Cobra Watch to Your Christmas Wish List?

2014.11.20 01:42 PM

Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle Nests Down Dramatically in Gulf of Mexico

2014.11.20 12:56 PM

Check Out This Pro Basketball Player's Lizard Haircut

2014.11.19 05:21 PM

Video: Man’s Best Friend in India Saved From Python By Man

2014.11.19 01:13 PM

Peruvians Drinking Away Existence of the Endangered Titicaca Water Frog

2014.11.18 05:25 PM

Herp Queries: Crazy for Corucia

2014.11.18 12:49 PM

CBD to Sue USFWS Over Colorado Checkered Whiptail Lizard Non-Status

2014.11.18 12:16 PM

Snake Fungal Disease Confirmed in 14 Species of Snakes

2014.11.17 11:43 AM

Australian Brown Tree Snake Bites Itself and Dies

2014.11.13 12:48 PM

Anaconda-The Educational Version of Nicki Minaj's Music Video

2014.11.12 02:56 PM

Discovery Anaconda Stunt: Fear and Sensationalism, Says Real Scientist

2014.11.12 12:18 PM

Aussie Truck Driver Rescues Red-Bellied Black Snake Stuck in Soda Can

2014.11.11 11:05 AM

New Species of Treefrog Named after Ozzy Osbourne

2014.11.10 12:04 PM

Woman Stabs Boyfriend After Boyfriend Allegedly Threatens Her Pet Turtle

2014.11.07 10:14 PM

Ancient Giant Tortoise Discovered in What is Now Madrid, Spain

2014.11.07 01:34 PM

Snake Bite DNA Test May Lead to Faster Treatment

2014.11.06 11:30 AM

Discovery Channel's Latest Stunt: Paul Rosolie Eaten Alive by Anaconda?

2014.11.05 11:21 AM

Phoenix Suns Players Get Punked on Halloween With Fake Cobra

2014.11.04 05:30 PM

50 Year Captive Breeding of Española Galapagos Tortoise Deemed a Success

2014.11.04 04:16 PM

USFWS Seeks Comment on CITES Protections for Four Native U.S. Turtles

2014.11.03 12:09 PM

Video: Monitor Lizard Body Slaps Leopard in South Africa

2014.10.31 12:30 PM

Two New Lizard Species Discovered in Queensland, Australia

2014.10.30 11:27 AM

Slayer’s Kerry King Gives a Glimpse of His Snake Breeding Facility

2014.10.29 03:03 PM
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