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Hatchling Turtles Rescued From Los Angeles’ Chinatown

Shopkeepers in Chinatown in Los Angeles have been illegally selling red-eared sliders for decades.
2017.04.13 05:02 PM

Grammar Matters As 3 Judge Panel Lifts Ban On Transport of Reticulated Python and Green Anacondas In the United States

USARK Successfully sues to overturn shipment ban on two large constricting snakes.
2017.04.08 08:34 AM

Researchers Discover South American Treefrog That Fluoresces in UVA Light

The South American polka dot tree frog turns from green, yellowish-red to blue and green when exposed to UV light.
2017.03.16 05:32 PM

Newly Discovered Peruvian Frog Named After Sir David Attenborough

A new frog discovered in Peru is named after Sir David Attenbourough.
2017.03.07 04:41 PM

Iguana-like Lizard Species That Lived 75 Million Years Ago Discovered in Montana

2017.03.06 05:45 PM

Aussie Discovers Tiger Snake In Her Christmas Tree

A snake catcher was called to remove the "Christmas present"
2016.12.20 10:13 PM

Were 250 to 300 Salamanders Stolen Or Eaten From a Texas Aquatic Resource Center?

Officials are baffled at the disappearance of so many salamanders.
2016.12.16 11:10 AM

Frog That Disappeared in Area of Australia Rediscovered

The green and golden bell frog has experienced declines in some of its range.
2016.12.01 04:13 PM

Researchers Create Synthetic Version of Golden Poison Dart Frog Poison

The golden poison dart frog has enough poison on its skin to kill 10 people.
2016.11.29 05:14 PM

Maryland Snake House Lawsuit Settled

Terms regarding the settlement were not disclosed.
2016.11.23 08:09 PM

New Gecko Species Discovered in Australia

A researcher thought he found a new species 40 years ago, which has now been confirmed.
2016.11.21 11:27 AM

Police in Arlington, TX Rescue Ball Python

A ball python was rescued by a police officer with the Arlington Police Department in Texas.
2016.11.14 12:04 PM

Thief Steals Pied Ball Python From Repxotica Reptile Store in NY and Crime is Caught on Video

Hopefully the reptile community can ID this guy.
2016.11.08 05:22 PM

Snake on a Plane? Yes it Happened on an Aeromexico Flight to Mexico City

The snake was apparently subdued before the plane made the landing.
2016.11.07 03:42 PM

Beautiful and Deadly Snake Could Hold Key to Better Human Pain Treatment

The long-glanded blue coral snake feeds on young king cobras and other deadly snakes.
2016.11.01 11:19 AM

Gunther’s Sea Snake Found in Waters More Than 400 Kilometers From its Native Range

Microcephalophis cantoris was found more than 400 kilometers from its known native range.
2016.10.13 11:25 AM

New “Graceful” Treefrog Species Discovered in Australia

2016.10.05 12:12 PM

Rabbs' Fringe-limbed Treefrog Declared Extinct

Toughie, collected during a chytrid pandemic in Panama, was more than 12 years old.
2016.10.04 11:20 AM

University of North Dakota Football Player Adopts Six-Foot Boa Constrictor Found on Road

The six foot boa constrictor was found on the side of a road in North Dakota.
2016.09.26 11:20 AM

Snake on a Train, In Japan

The snake was safely removed from the bullet train.
2016.09.26 10:59 AM

Galapagos Tortoise Fathered 800 Offspring and Helps to Save His Species

A recent DNA study confirms that Diego is a very prolific breeder.
2016.09.22 11:46 AM

Snake Spotted On Mars?

2016.09.20 11:19 AM

Researchers Infect Mountain Yellow-Legged Frogs With Chytrid Fungus In Order to Save Them

2016.09.12 03:53 PM

Researchers Discover 48 Million Year Old Snake That Had Eaten a Lizard That Had Eaten a Bug

A python species had eaten a lizard of the family Iguanidae, which had an insect in its stomach.
2016.09.08 11:41 AM
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