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Brazilian Treefrog Named After Mythical Beast of Amazon Described

Dendropsophus mapinguari was discovered in 2009 but has just been described.
2016.05.02 05:40 PM

Lizards Sleep Like Humans, Study Says

Sleep patterns suggest common ancestor between reptiles, birds and mammals.
2016.04.29 03:53 PM

Ball Python Found Dead in English Lake

If you purchase a reptile or any other animal and decide that you no longer want to can’t care for it, don’t release it where you live. Chances are it will not survive.
2016.04.28 05:47 PM

Ball Python Found in Beaumont, Tex. Woman’s Oven

Snake was safely removed by the city’s animal services.
2016.04.25 02:59 PM

Man Holds Snake as Pomeranian Tries to Attack It

People do cruel things to get famous.
2016.04.21 11:34 AM

Boy Gets Stuck in Tree Trying to Save Pet Lizard, Firefighters Rescue Boy

They were unable to locate the lizard.
2016.04.20 11:46 AM

New Fat-Tailed Gecko Species Discovered in Australia

2016.04.19 11:51 AM

Man Kills Someone’s Pet Ball Python

Some people are just ignorant about snakes while others just hate them.
2016.04.18 02:32 PM

More Than 100 Seized Endangered Tortoises Returned to Madagascar

139 radiated tortoises and seven angonoka tortoises were smuggled from Madagascar and discovered in India.
2016.04.18 11:36 AM

Chinese Turtle Smuggler Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison

Man smuggled turtles in excess of $1 million to China
2016.04.13 12:51 PM

Snake in North Carolina Gets Electrocuted Biting Another Electrocuted Snake

City workers came across these dead snakes in an electrical box on a house slated for demolition.
2016.04.07 05:15 PM

Indonesian Pop Star Irma Bule Dies After King Cobra Used as Stage Prop Bites Her

The king cobra's handler apparently had antivenin on hand but she refused treatment.
2016.04.05 11:58 AM

Abandoned Red-Eared Slider Finds Home in New York Public Library

Rescued red-eared slider now calls the New York library home.
2016.04.04 11:43 AM

USARK Constrictor Rule Update: April 4, 2016

2016.04.04 10:53 AM

Indian Dancing Frog Tadpoles Finally Observed

2016.04.02 12:42 AM

New Viper Species Discovered in Ethiopia

University of Utah students snapped a picture of the new species in 2013.
2016.04.01 03:43 PM

Researchers Determine Skin Color of 10 Million-Year-Old Snake

With the help of a scanning electron microscope and the color palette of modern day colubrid snakes, researchers have devised a color pattern.
2016.03.31 04:58 PM

USFWS Releases Draft Recovery Plan for Tiger Salamander

The recovery plan for the California tiger salamander was 10 years in the making.
2016.03.28 04:33 PM

Pit Vipers Shipped From Philippines to Pennsylvania Found Dead at Post Office

The snakes were found in a box declared to be T-shirts.
2016.03.28 11:25 AM

Texas Comptroller Terminates Oil Industry Foundation set up to Protect Dunes Sagebrush Lizard

The foundation failed to protect the lizard or its habitat from the oil and gas industry.
2016.03.25 06:37 PM

Man Releases 13-foot Python inside Japanese Restaurant in California

2016.03.22 01:52 PM

Wood Turtles Need Endangered Species Protections, Lawsuit Says

2016.03.21 02:10 PM

Chinese Man Feeds Puppy to His Python And Gets Some Serious Flack

Chinese social media reacts with impunity at this man for feeding a puppy to his snake.
2016.03.21 11:43 AM

Colombia Kicks Out a New Species of Frog and it is Golden

2016.03.18 08:52 PM
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