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Man Gets Bit by Apparent Venomous Snake, Refuses to Get Treatment and Dies

2015.05.28 11:01 AM

VIdeo: Man Steps on and Gets Bit By Snake

2015.05.27 05:11 PM

Frogs of Australia app For iOS Now Available

2015.05.27 12:00 PM

The Panther Chameleon is Actually 11 Distinct Species

2015.05.26 05:31 PM

Bearded Dragon in Skokie, IL Has Lost its Owner

2015.05.26 12:32 PM

Kermit the Frog Sings Rainbow Connection With Ed Sheeran for Red Nose Day

2015.05.22 04:04 PM

Canada Humane Society Seeks Killer of Northern Water Snake

2015.05.22 01:09 PM

Snakes Probably Evolved on Land, New Research Suggests

2015.05.21 11:50 AM

Growth Rate Data of Snakes Fed Once and Twice a Week

2015.05.20 01:06 PM

USARK Preliminary Injunction Final Ruling

2015.05.20 10:59 AM

CPSC Asked to Recall Rocky Silent Hunter Rubber Snake Boots

2015.05.19 05:33 PM

Steve Irwin’s Dad Sad Over Cameraman’s Remarks About Crocodile Hunter’s Last Words

2015.05.19 12:59 PM

Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Crested Geckos

2015.05.19 12:22 PM

Long Island, NY Sees Mass Die Off of Diamondback Terrapins

2015.05.19 11:45 AM

Dusky Gopher Frog Gets 170 Acres in Agreement with Mississippi Developer

2015.05.18 11:10 AM

Man Leaves Python With Tongs and Python Swallows Tongs

2015.05.16 12:06 PM

Watch This Snake Handler Remove a Parasitic Worm from One of his Pet Snakes

2015.05.15 03:17 PM

Some Snakes Swallow the Darnest Things

2015.05.14 12:24 PM

Garter Snake Steals Kid’s Fish

2015.05.11 12:05 PM

Florida Man Arrested in Callahan Pet Store Snake Theft

2015.05.07 12:42 PM

Beardie Helps Teach Responsibility in Iowa Classroom

2015.05.06 02:47 PM

Tortoise That Lost Legs to Rat Bites Gets Wheels

2015.04.30 12:52 PM

Pro Soccer Player Removes Snake in His Backyard

2015.04.28 05:12 PM

Two New Lizard Species Discovered in Chile

2015.04.27 04:34 PM
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