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Corn Snake Genome Sequenced, Albinism Mutation Detailed

The genome data will be freely available to researchers around the world.
2015.11.25 10:39 AM

Ford Motor Co. To Study Toe Pads of Geckos for Auto Applications

Auto company is looking into gecko toes to build a more environmentally friendly adhesive.
2015.11.24 01:32 PM

Skitzo the Aussie Cat Kills Red-Bellied Black Snake that Bit Her Caregiver

Skitzo killed the snake and luckily the snake didn't inject any venom.
2015.11.24 12:19 PM

Blizzard-Phased Corn Snake Captured in Australia

Exotic snakes are euthanized in Australia
2015.11.23 05:38 PM

Persian Dwarf Snake is Actually Six Distinct Species

The snakes were already described between 1872 and 1911.
2015.11.23 01:50 PM

Gucci Debuts Snake-Inspired Shoes for Women

Would you spring for one of these designs or add another morph to your collection?
2015.11.20 12:33 PM

Florida Turtle Stuck in Plastic Bag Saved by Melbourne City Worker

Plastic bags and plastic pollution kills and maims hundreds of thousands of reptiles and other animals every year.
2015.11.19 12:12 PM

Today is National Baw Baw Frog Day in Australia

The Baw Baw frog is critically endangered and is currently known in just a single locality in Australia.
2015.11.18 04:45 PM

Scientists Eliminate Chytrid Fungus in Five Ponds in Mallorca

The controversial chemical Virkon was used to clear Mallorcan midwife toad ponds of the Chytrid fungus.
2015.11.18 12:58 PM

Snake Tries to Grab Fisherman’s Fish in Thailand

This snake wanted an easy fish dinner.
2015.11.18 11:44 AM

Florida Man Cited For Monocled Cobra Escape

Owner apparently lied to FWC officers and doctored paperwork relating to the snake.
2015.11.17 06:12 PM

Snake Fungal Disease Formally Identified

The fungus in snake fungal disease is Ophidiomyces ophiodiicola
2015.11.17 11:27 AM

Natural History of the Spotted Salamander

Although not as popular in the pet trade as its larger cousin, the tiger salamander (A. tigrinum), the spotted salamander is an equally impressive animal
2015.11.16 06:32 PM

Man Wanted in Connection With Stealing Baby Hermann’s Tortoise in Canada

The Hermann’s tortoise is valued at around $520 and the store owner wants in back.
2015.11.16 01:47 PM

Death of Texas Man Ruled Suicide by Snakebite

The Texas man was a lifelong reptile lover who apparently had suicidal ideations.
2015.11.13 12:37 PM

Dead Leatherback Turtle Found on New England Beach Died from Trio of Human Hazards

Leatherback sea turtles primarily eat jellyfish and plastic tends to look like jellyfish in the ocean.
2015.11.12 11:18 AM

Australian Handles Eastern Brown Snake and Doesn’t Get Bit

Man was extremely lucky he didn't get bit by the Eastern brown snake.
2015.11.11 02:30 PM

Florida Cobra Owner May Get His License to Keep Venomous Reptiles Revoked

Airplane Repo star may loses his venomous reptiles after his king cobra escaped its enclosure.
2015.11.11 01:33 PM

Vandals Kill Lizards and Turtle at Australian Wildlife Park

Two Australian water dragons and a freshwater turtle were killed by vandals.
2015.11.11 11:42 AM

Snakes Show Off Their Sweet Side by Wearing Hats

2015.11.10 04:55 PM

This Florida Burmese Python Has Met its Match

This invasive python got eaten by an alligator
2015.11.10 11:22 AM

Japanese Giant Salamander to Headline New Honolulu Zoo Reptile and Amphibian Exhibit

Four Japanese giant salamanders from a sister zoo in Japan are now at the Honolulu Zoo.
2015.11.10 10:32 AM

Exotic Pet Lizard Types

Here is just a sampling of the exotic lizards in the hobby.
2015.11.09 04:52 PM

Cobra Escapes Its Enclosure in Florida and is Recaptured Within a Day

The monocled cobra was about 5 feet in length and was found 200 yards from where it was reported.
2015.11.09 11:12 AM
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