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Man Causes Python to Regurgitate 5 Birds

Nobody was guarding the hen house.
2015.09.02 10:51 AM

Python Gets Honorable Mention in They Ate What? Vet Radiograph Contest

2015.09.01 02:19 PM

Do You Want to Name an Injured Sea Turtle?

2015.09.01 11:16 AM

Two Critically Endangered Louisiana Pine Snakes Hatched at Florida Zoo

Louisiana pine snakes have very small clutches, usually around three to five eggs per clutch.
2015.08.31 03:07 PM

Sea Snake and Venomous Stonefish in Epic Jaw Lock Battle in Australia

Both the sea snake and the stonefish were essentially in a stalemate when a local diver tried to separate the two.
2015.08.31 11:39 AM

Snoop Dogg the Next Jeff Corwin? Maybe Not

Snoop hosting an animal show like a boss.
2015.08.28 01:07 PM

King Cobra and Reticulated Python Battle Caught on Video

Reticulated pythons are common prey items of the king cobra
2015.08.27 01:34 PM

Tennessee Aquarium Hatches 5 Endangered Beal’s-eyed Turtles

Beal’s-eyed turtles in the wild have declined rapidly in the last 15 years.
2015.08.27 10:57 AM

Uromastyx Lizard That Roamed the Earth 80 Million Years Ago Discovered in Brazil

Gueragama sulamericana lived in arid to desert environment during Late Cretaceous period
2015.08.26 06:18 PM

Another California Man Who Tried to Take Selfie With Rattlesnake Gets Bit

Alex Gomezes' mother shared his story so others would helpfully learn what she thought her son already knew.
2015.08.26 12:45 PM

Man Gives Up Beautiful Reticulated Python

A man in Vermont could no longer care for his snakes, so they were rescued by the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department.
2015.08.25 02:49 PM

Live (then dead) Lizards as Shock Props on Reality TV

Why does James Marsden chop the head off this lizard in Running Wild with Bear Grylls?
2015.08.25 11:23 AM

Red-bellied Black Snake Stuck in Beer Can

Staff at the Australian Reptile Park cut the can that a red-bellied black snake was stuck in.
2015.08.24 07:36 PM

New Robber Frog Discovered in Bolivia’s Madidi National Park

18 month expedition that began in June has yielded two more potential new herp species
2015.08.24 11:23 AM

Carl the Cranky Chameleon Belittles Viral Videos

Have you seen Carl pick apart these videos?
2015.08.21 01:20 PM

40 Desert Tortoises Up for Adoption in Arizona

2015.08.20 12:52 PM

Climate Change to Have Deadly Effects on North American Lizard Embryos

Plateau fence lizard embryos experience high mortality in the nest if temperatures reach 110 degrees Fahrenheit.
2015.08.20 11:49 AM

Florida Man Survives Coral Snake Bite

According to Newschannel 3, 52 people were bit by coral snakes in 2014
2015.08.19 05:39 PM

8 Meter Reticulated Python Captured in Bangkok

The python was measured and then released out of the city.
2015.08.19 11:40 AM

Is a Snake a Service Animal?

Man in Missouri claimed a snake around his neck was his service animal.
2015.08.17 11:47 AM

Video: Researchers Remove Plastic Drinking Straw From Sea Turtle’s Nostril

The world's oceans aren't a trash dump.
2015.08.14 12:09 PM

Snake Cafe Opens in Tokyo and its Not What You Think

2015.08.14 09:44 AM

Bearded Dragon Equipped with Lasers Zaps Kitten

Kitten freaks out when beardie showers it with lasers.
2015.08.13 11:30 AM

Researchers Discover New Frog Species From Western Ghats of India

The frog is commonly called a cricket frog or Fejervarya frog.
2015.08.12 11:54 AM
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