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Were Snakes The Source Of The New Coronavirus Sickening And Killing Chinese?

Researchers say that snakes were the likely cause of transmission to human, but others dispute that notion.
2020.01.24 12:22 PM

Eastern Fence Lizard Saved From Glue Trap

A little mineral oil and a bit of elbow grease helped safely remove this eastern fence lizard from a glue trap.
2020.01.23 03:05 PM

Eastern Indigo Snakes Breeding On Their Own In Alabama

Researchers with Auburn University captured a young, 27-inch eastern indigo snake believed to be the offspring of captive bred specimens.
2020.01.22 03:36 PM

Center for Biological Diversity Sues Trump Administration For Failing To Protect Two Map Turtle Species

The Pearl River map turtle and the Pascagoula map turtle are only known to inhabit two river systems in Mississippi and Louisiana.
2020.01.21 02:53 PM

The State Of Texas Wants To Know When You See A Texas Horned Lizard

The Texas horned lizard is in decline in much of the state of Texas. It is illegal to possess this species.
2020.01.17 01:55 PM

Bearded Dragon Saved From House Fire In Florida

The reptile was given oxygen by several respondents.
2020.01.16 02:51 PM

New Tibertan Frog Species, Liurana vallecula, Discovered And Described

Liurana vallecula, has a snout-to-vent length of 20.4 mm, a reddish brown body coloration with dark brown streaks and a marbled pattern on the top of its head.
2020.01.15 05:42 PM

Diego, The Galapagos Tortoise Who Fathered More Than 800 Returned To Wild

Diego was returned back to the wild on Española Island.
2020.01.14 03:04 PM

South Carolina Bill Calls For Protections of Reptiles And Amphibians From Commercial Trade

Reptiles and amphibians would be better protected under a proposed law in South Carolina.
2020.01.13 09:27 AM

Indian Cobra Swallows And Then Regurgitates Plastic Bottle

Hopefully the snake makes a full recovery after the ordeal, and people learn to manage their trash effectively.
2020.01.10 02:36 PM

Florida Man Pleads Guilty To Trafficking CITES-Protected Water Monitors From The Philippines

The yellow-headed water monitor, the white-headed water monitor, and the marbled water monitor are endemic to the Philippines.
2020.01.09 04:50 PM

Dorrance Family Foundation Gifts $250,000 To Help Yellow-Legged Frog Recovery

The Dorrance Family Foundation’s Animals of the Sierra Nevada Grant Program will help in the recovery of these amphibians.
2020.01.08 12:42 PM

Southern Grass, Alpine Bog Skink At Risk Of Extinction Due To Australia’s Fires

The alpine bog skink (Pseudemoia cryodroma) is already listed as endangered and the southern grass skink (Pseudemoia entrecasteauxii) is only found in areas that have burned.
2020.01.07 03:10 PM

Georgia’s 2019 Indigo Snake Count Finds Them At 60 Percent Of Sites Assessed

The species is listed as federally endangered in the states of Georgia and Florida.
2020.01.03 02:35 PM

Researchers Create Computer Model To Track Hatchling Sea Turtles

Once sea turtles hatch, they head straight to the ocean.
2019.12.31 02:21 PM

45-Year-Old Tortoise Sets House On Fire On Christmas, Is Rescued

The tortoise knocked over a heat lamp, which caused a fire.
2019.12.27 02:59 PM

Researchers Find 300-Million-Year-Old Lizard Cared For Its Young

Dendromaia unamakiensis was found in Nova Scotia was a Varanopid, an extinct family of animals that resembled monitor lizards.
2019.12.26 01:36 PM

Leopard Geckos, Bearded Dragon Found On Sidewalk in Stoughton, MA

Police want to speak with owner who left the reptiles.
2019.12.23 11:36 AM

Gulfarium CARE Center Receives Sea Turtle Grant Money From State Of Florida

Florida sea turtle license plate grant money helped to purchase this transport van that will be used to help move stranded or otherwise injured sea turtles.
2019.12.20 04:52 PM

Two-headed Monocled Cobra Found In India

Two-headed snakes are rare, but not uncommon.
2019.12.19 03:32 PM

U.S. Agencies, Liberty University Keep Peaks Of Otter Salamander Off Endangered Species List

The Peaks of Otter salamander lives in just a 12 mile area of Virginia.
2019.12.18 01:05 PM

King's Skink Can Re-regenerate More Functional Tail Than Other Lizards

The king's skink is a very large lizard native to Australia.
2019.12.17 12:13 PM

The New Oldest Parareptile Is Dubbed Coal Dragon

2019.12.16 03:17 PM

Salmonella Outbreak In Canada Sickens 92 People

Always wash your hands before and after handling a pet reptile or feeder rodents.
2019.12.13 04:07 PM
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