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Georgia-based Amphibian Foundation Successfully Breeds Striped Newts

Event marks the first time the foundation had breeding success with the species.
2018.03.22 02:30 PM

Georgia Town Punked On Fakebook With Bogus Warning About Copperhead Snakes

Pranksters created a fake Facebook page representing the city of Calhoun, Georgia.
2018.03.22 12:16 PM

Siskiyou Mountains Salamander Needs Endangered Species Act Protection, Petition Says

The Siskiyou Mountains salamander is threatened by federal plans to accelerate logging in its native range.
2018.03.21 04:31 PM

Texas Is Closer To Banning Commercial Collection Of Turtles On Private Lands

Texas is a step closer to making it illegal to commercially collect chelonians on private lands.
2018.03.21 02:12 PM

Pollution In India Deforming Native Frogs

Researchers with Delhi University’s Sri Venkateswara College have discovered ornate narrow-mouthed frogs missing eyes, due to the effects of pollution.
2018.03.20 01:59 PM

Australian Dwarf-Crowned Snake And Skink Saved From Sticky Tape

These two reptiles got stuck and were saved by WIRES personnel.
2018.03.20 11:39 AM

Video: Boa Constrictor Born With Two Heads, Two Hearts

Snake breeder in Florida showcased on Nat Geo vet show.
2018.03.19 01:48 PM

Australian Scientists Field Trial Cane Toad Bait To Save Native Quolls

The cane toad was introduced to Australia to combat agricultural pests but has decimated native populations of quolls.
2018.03.19 12:10 PM

Cobra Handling Firefighter From Malaysia Dies From Cobra Bite

Abu Zarin Husin, a Malaysian firefighter who captured and released uncounted cobras has died of a cobra bite.
2018.03.16 04:35 PM

Idaho Officials Euthanize Snapping Turtle Which Was Allegedly Fed Dying Puppy

Threats of violence have been made against the school district, apparently for not firing the teacher.
2018.03.16 02:34 PM

50 Desert Tortoises Available For Adoption By Arizona Residents

Once in captivity, desert tortoises can no longer be released into the wild due to the potential for them to introduce disease to wild populations of tortoises.
2018.03.15 03:17 PM

Southern African Python Mothers Stay With Their Babies For About Two Weeks After They Hatch

The mother snakes also warm their bodies and return to the snake nest to warm their babies.
2018.03.15 01:01 PM

Stolen Red-Footed Tortoise Found Safe

Huck was stolen February 21. He was found in a grassy area March 8.
2018.03.14 03:32 PM

Two New Frog Species Discovered In Sumatra

The tadpoles of the Sumatran cascade frogs have sucker-like bellies that enable them to stick to rocks in fast flowing streams.
2018.03.14 01:57 PM

Idaho Science Teacher Under Investigation For Feeding Puppy To Class Snapping Turtle

It is unclear if the dog was dead or alive, or what type of snapping turtle is kept at the school.
2018.03.13 02:05 PM

Missing San Diego Monitor Lizard Found Safe

Bubbles was found by a Los Angeles man who took the time out to search for him.
2018.03.13 01:22 PM

Minnesota Woman Celebrates 56 Years With Her Gopher Tortoise

George the gopher tortoise and Jeanna Smith have been together more than 50 years.
2018.03.12 03:32 PM

Two-headed Rat Snake Makes Debut At Cameron Park Zoo In Texas

Pancho and Lefty have been in quarantine for 18 months and are now on display at the Cameron Park Zoo.
2018.03.12 01:08 PM

Two Juvenile Green Sea Turtles Receive Electrochemotherapy Treatment For Fibropapillomatosis

2018.03.09 02:14 PM

Reptile Enclosure Maker Vision Products Plus Acquired By Adam’s Specialty Products

The Vision slider rack system is very popular with snake enthusiasts and breeders.
2018.03.09 01:00 PM

Video: Thief Walks Out Of Pet Store With 5 Baby Sulcata Tortoises

A thief in Wisconsin stole 5 baby sulcata tortoises from a Pet World.
2018.03.08 10:53 AM

Monitor Lizard Wanders Away From San Diego Reptile Store

Bubbles is a 6-year-old black-throated monitor who is also the store's mascot.
2018.03.07 03:24 PM

Bearded Dragon Is Internet Famous Thanks To Disaster Girl Meme

Petey is the reptile version of Disaster Girl.
2018.03.07 01:33 PM

Arizona Family’s Tortoise Escapes Yard, Gets Stolen By Three Men

Sheldon was stolen just outside his home in Glendale, Arizona.
2018.03.06 03:19 PM
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