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Two Green Anacondas Found on Florida’s Space Coast

The snakes are presumed to be pets at one point
2016.02.08 12:43 PM

Radiated Tortoise Stolen From Australia’s Perth Zoo

The radiated tortoise has been missing since February 1
2016.02.05 04:53 PM

Check Out These Super Cute Beaded Lizards That Hatched at the Columbus Zoo

2016.02.04 12:50 PM

Dead 17-Foot Reticulated Python Found in Riverside Calif. Trash Dump

It is illegal in Riverside, Calif. to dump dead pets in the regular trash.
2016.02.03 11:58 AM

Baby Red Eared Sliders With Painted Shells Sold at a Reptile Expo in Oklahoma

The vendor claimed that they were modified like GloFish when it is obvious they were painted.
2016.02.01 11:53 AM

Family Claims

2016.01.29 03:20 PM

Hellbender Salamander Conceived With Cryopreserved Sperm Hatches at Nashville Zoo

It is hoped that assisted reproductive technology can help bolster wild populations of the Eastern Hellbender Salamander.
2016.01.28 01:36 PM

Black and White Tegus Can Warm Their Bodies During Mating Season

Tegus can maintain their internal body temperatures from 4 to 10°C higher than their burrows
2016.01.28 12:42 PM

Real or Photoshop? Photo Shows What Appears to Be Boa Constrictor Wrapped Around Coyote in Florida

2016.01.27 05:08 PM

Puma Releases Coral Snake Inspired Shoes

Want a new pair of kicks to show at the next reptile expo?
2016.01.27 11:32 AM

This Pac Man Frog Isn’t Too Happy Being Poked

Horned frogs are known to have painful bites.
2016.01.26 01:27 PM

King Brown Snake Hatchling Yawning In Its Shell Goes Viral

The little hatchling became a sensation on Facebook
2016.01.25 12:06 PM

Indian Treefrog Rediscovered, Placed in Brand New Genus

Franky’s treefrog was rediscovered by accident by renowned biologist Sathyabhama Das Biju
2016.01.21 12:35 PM

One of Alan Rickman’s Last Acting Gigs Was a PSA With a Tortoise to Help Refugees

Rickman lended his voice to help Save the Children
2016.01.19 11:39 AM

Newfie Saves Stranded Sea Turtle

Newfoundland dogs are great swimming dogs who work as rescue dogs.
2016.01.18 12:00 PM

California Gynecologist Sentenced For Stalking With Snake

The woman purchased a ball python and placed it in her husband's bedroom in an effort to exact revenge.
2016.01.15 05:04 PM

Japanese Scientists Regenerate Functional Joints in Xenopus laevis

Xenopus laevis can regenerate functional joints after amputation.
2016.01.15 03:01 PM

Frozen Red-Eared Slider Brought Back to Life

The red-eared slider was given up by its owners and the Pennsylvania SPCA is considering whether to file charges.
2016.01.14 05:28 PM

Interim Ban Placed on Importation and Interstate Transport of 201 Salamander Species

2016.01.14 01:04 PM

Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake Washes Ashore in San Diego

The sea snake most likely got caught in the cooler waters off the coast.
2016.01.14 11:39 AM

Pregnant Snake Found Under Australian Fridge

2016.01.13 03:40 PM

Snake Stolen from Oregon Pet Store

2016.01.11 01:40 PM

183-Year-Old Tortoise Goes on a Diet

January 8, 2016
2016.01.08 02:18 PM

11 Ball Pythons Abandoned Outside Vet Office Over Christmas Holiday Have Died

Only 1 of the 12 snakes survived.
2016.01.05 12:28 PM
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