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Snake Devours a Bat at Australian Home

2015.06.30 01:40 PM

Tortoise and Dog are Best Friends

2015.06.29 03:03 PM

Two-Headed Bearded Dragon Born in England

2015.06.26 10:10 AM

How Did Turtles Get Their Shells?

2015.06.25 11:26 AM

Snake Theft Suspect Tries to Sell Snakes Back to Owner and Gets Caught

2015.06.25 09:50 AM

Watch This Treefrog Light Up After it Ate a Firefly

2015.06.23 11:43 AM

Rabbit Fends Off Snake that Attacked its Babies

2015.06.22 05:45 PM

San Diego Zoo’s Galapagos Tortoise, Speed, Dies at 150+Years

2015.06.20 06:28 PM

Veterinarians in Brazil Remove Calcified Egg From 16-foot Reticulated Python

2015.06.19 06:03 PM

Painted Turtle’s Shell Reattached with Epoxy and Zip Ties

2015.06.18 11:43 AM

Human Spray-paints Rattlesnake Pink in Utah

2015.06.18 10:38 AM

Offspring of Lucy the Leucistic Boa Constrictor Sent to Brazil

2015.06.17 12:24 PM

7 Pythons Stolen From Akron Ohio Reptile Rescue

2015.06.17 11:26 AM

Dumpy Frog Tries to Eat Carpet Python in Australia

2015.06.16 10:38 AM

Los Angeles Zoo Successfully Hatches Gray’s Monitor Lizard

2015.06.15 12:26 PM

3D Image Shows Frog Within an Argentine Horned Frog

2015.06.12 11:03 AM

Tortoise in England Outfitted with Hot Wheels to Aid in Walking

2015.06.11 05:10 PM

Florida Plumber Pulls Green Iguana Out of Clogged Toilet

2015.06.11 12:25 PM

What to do if a Rattlesnake Bites You

2015.06.10 04:42 PM

Social Media Reunites Lost Sulcata Tortoise With Owner in Michigan

2015.06.10 01:16 PM

Moon the Albino Boa Constrictor In Need of Help

2015.06.09 06:35 PM

Hawk With Snake in Its Talons Causes Brush Fire in San Diego, Calif.

2015.06.09 02:55 PM

Coastguardsmen Untangle Two Sea Turtles Caught in Fishing Line Off Central America

2015.06.08 12:43 PM

Scientists Try to Impregnate Last Yangtze Giant Softshell Turtle Known to Exist

2015.06.05 12:23 PM
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