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Jonathan, A 186-Year-Old Male Tortoise Has Spent 26 Years Trying To Mate With Another Male

Jonathan and Frederic(a) are inseparable, even though they are both males.
2017.10.20 04:56 PM

7500 Frogs Released After Frog Poaching Ring Busted In Turkey

The frogs were released back into the Kizilirmak river, where they were poached.
2017.10.20 04:24 PM

Asian Water Monitors Thrive In Palm Oil Plantations

Varanus salvator macromaculatus is thriving in palm oil plantations for now.
2017.10.19 04:43 PM

Minot, North Dakota Votes To Allow Keeping Of Corn Snakes, And Other Small Constricting Snakes As Pets

Colubrids and other small constricting snakes will hopefully be allowed as pets in the city.
2017.10.19 03:21 PM

Photo Making Rounds Shows White’s Tree Frog Devouring A Hapless Snake

The poor snake screams one last time before it meets its doom.
2017.10.18 04:32 PM

Sulcata Tortoise Rescued From Northern California Wildfires

It took four people to lift the sulcata tortoise onto a wheelbarrow so it could be taken to safety.
2017.10.18 03:53 PM

Peter's Banded Skink

Peter’s banded skink is a newcomer to the trade that has arrived from northern Africa in just the past couple years.
2017.10.18 12:39 AM

Minot, North Dakota Animal Ordinance To Meet On Amending Snake Ban

The city ordinance currently bans all constricting snakes, including corn snakes and ball pythons.
2017.10.17 03:56 PM

Large Gecko Species Discovered In The Eastern Ghats Of India

The gecko, Hemidactylus kangerensis, sports a resemblance to Hemidactylus maculatus, but differs based on the number of femoral pores on each side.
2017.10.17 03:06 PM

Promising Venomous Snakebite Therapy Slows Snake Venom Effects For Up To An Hour

The combination of carbon monoxide and iron slows the effects that snake venom has on victim’s blood.
2017.10.16 02:46 PM

Video: These Snake Catchers In Singapore Get It Done Like A Boss

Singaporean snake handler Carmen Choong handles two reticulated pythons with no problem.
2017.10.16 09:52 AM

Researchers Map Distribution And Density Of World’s Reptiles

The first definitive map that details the distribution and density of all described reptile species in the world.
2017.10.13 03:42 PM

California Red-legged Frog Breaks Leg, Vet Inserts Metal Pin And It Is Later Released

The metal pin that was inserted into the broken leg of the frog was eventually removed.
2017.10.13 09:30 AM

Tiger Snake With Prolapsed Hemipenis Rescued And Taken To Vet

The prolapsed hemipenis and the second hemipenis were surgically removed.
2017.10.12 04:43 PM

Captive Breeding Brings The Burmese Star Tortoise Back From The Brink Of Extinction

The Burmese star tortoise is a critically endangered tortoise that saw its numbers dwindle to just a few hundred individuals in the 1990s.
2017.10.12 04:02 PM

Cascades Frog May Get Protections Under California’s Endangered Species Act

The frog was once widely distributed in Northern California but has since disappeared in large areas of its previous habitats.
2017.10.11 03:26 PM

Video Surveillance Helps Arrest Woman Accused Of Stealing Bearded Dragons From New York Pet Store

The woman was arrested and charged with fourth-degree grand larceny and endangering the welfare of a child.
2017.10.09 03:12 PM

Sulcata Tortoise Run Over By Car Gets 3-D Printed Shell

George the sulcata tortoise will need a new prosthetic shell every three years as he grows.
2017.10.05 03:49 PM

Mexico Sees Dramatic Increase In Olive Ridley Turtle Nestings

The global population of nesting female olive ridley turtles in 2004 was just 2 million, down from around 10 million before protections were encouraged.
2017.10.04 04:42 PM

Police In Florida Save Gopher Tortoise From Backyard Pool

The non-aquatic reptile had fallen into a pool and sank.
2017.10.03 03:30 PM

Oakland Raider’s Punter Skateboards With His Pet Bearded Dragon

Pro football player Marquette King shows some loving as his beardie tries skateboarding.
2017.10.03 09:12 AM

Scared Of A Snake, Man Tries To Shoot It But Hits Mother-In-Law Instead

It is best to call animal control if you want a snake removed from your property.
2017.10.02 05:05 PM

Brown Snake In Montreal, Canada Get Help From Herpetologists

Herpetologists at the Ecomuseum Zoo are doing what they can to protect the species.
2017.10.02 11:17 AM

Frog Named After Charles Darwin Faces Extinction In 15 Years

Researchers believe that the populations of the Darwin's frog are infected with Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, which causes the chytrid fungus.
2017.09.29 03:30 PM
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