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Airplane Repo Star's King Cobra Found Alive

The 8-foot king cobra escaped after a storm damaged its enclosure.
2015.10.08 11:16 AM

We Are On Pace To Witness a Mass Frog Extinction

6.9 percent of all frog species will go extinct over the next 100 years.
2015.10.07 03:52 PM

Nile Monitor in Tucson, AZ Is Looking For Its Owner

2015.10.07 12:47 PM

How Do You Collect Sea Turtle Poop? You Build a Giant “Nappy”

Australian researchers built a device out of a sun shirt, some velcro and a custom poop collector to collect poop samples.
2015.10.06 05:11 PM

Black Pine Snakes Listed As Threatened Under Endangered Species Act

2015.10.06 01:29 PM

Reticulated Python Bites Owner of Captive Born Reptiles

Three officers helped to remove the python from the owner.
2015.10.06 11:32 AM

South Carolina Utility Crew Accidentally Runs Over Boa Constrictor

The snake was probably someone's pet that got loose.
2015.10.02 06:29 PM

Horned Frogs Have Tongues That are Strong Like Adhesive Tape

The horned frog's super sticky tongue helps it to subdue large prey items.
2015.10.02 02:25 PM

Mealworms Can Eat Styrofoam With No Apparent Ill Effects

The researchers fed a strict diet of styrofoam to mealworms from birth to adulthood.
2015.10.01 12:17 PM

Florida Woman Who Straddled Sea Turtle Last Summer Arrested

One of the women allegedly rode the turtle all the way to the water.
2015.09.30 12:17 PM

Frilled Lizards Have Different Colored Frills Based on Location and the Prey They Eat

The color of frilled lizards in Western Australia is different from those in Queensland.
2015.09.30 11:32 AM

Chinese Hold a Food Festival with an Endangered Species as the Main Course

2015.09.29 02:24 PM

Florida Woman Looking for Flea Market Bargains Finds an 8-Foot Burmese Python

A Burmese python was found amongst some clothing at a flea market in Florida.
2015.09.29 01:02 PM

Kansas Family Finds Ball Python In Toilet

Have you ever found a reptile after a move to a new place to live?
2015.09.29 10:41 AM

Researchers Discover Hawksbill Sea Turtles are Biofluorescent

Divers were shooting biofluorescent corals when a Hawksbill sea turtle swam into the light and revealed it too was biofluorescent.
2015.09.28 04:59 PM

Photographer Shoots Western Serpentiform Skink That Was Thought to Be Extinct

The Western Serpentiform skink was thought to have been extinct.
2015.09.28 03:59 PM

Single Coqui Frog Captured On the Windward Side of Oahu, HI

The coqui frog is established on the Big Island of Hawaii but is not yet established on Oahu.
2015.09.28 11:20 AM

50,000-Year-Old Lizard Bone Dates Humans Living in Australia with Giant Lizards

Imagine having to deal with a fast monitor lizard that grew to six meters in length and weighed 500 kg.
2015.09.24 01:09 PM

3-Year Old Girl Finds Two-Headed Ringneck Snake While Exploring in Her Backyard

The ringneck snake is common throughout much of North America
2015.09.24 11:12 AM

Man Places Puppy Into His Snake Enclosure and Posts Video to Facebook

The puppy was still alive after the 3 minute video ended.
2015.09.23 11:59 AM

Three Australian Frog Species Officially Extinct

The Kuranda treefrog has been upgraded to endangered from near-threatened.
2015.09.22 12:14 PM

Lawsuit Regarding the “Snake Infested” Maryland House to Commence

Mediation as required by the sales contract failed to resolve the dispute.
2015.09.21 05:11 PM

Search Called Off For Escaped King Cobra in Florida

The venomous snake escaped its enclosure after storms damaged the roof of the garage in which it was kept.
2015.09.21 01:15 PM

Yellow-Bellied Water Snake Gives Birth via Parthenogenesis

The snake succesfully gave birth two a pair 2014. The current offspring did not survive.
2015.09.18 03:30 PM
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