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Green Sea Turtle Photobombs Group Photo in the Philippines

2015.04.23 04:34 PM

Aussie Teen Helps Raise Funds for New Western Swamp Tortoise Breeding Facility

2015.04.23 01:10 PM

5 Tips to Make Everyday Earth Day For Herps

2015.04.22 01:18 PM

Houston Rockets Center Dwight Howard Keeps Snakes

2015.04.22 12:11 PM

Florida Teen Captures and Gets Bit by Water Moccasin

2015.04.21 10:57 PM

New Species of Glass Frog Looks Like Kermit the Frog

2015.04.20 05:38 PM

New Day Gecko Species Discovered in India

2015.04.20 03:01 PM

Video: How Constrictors Climb Trees

2015.04.20 11:27 AM

60 Captive Raised Myanmar Roofed Turtles Released

2015.04.16 01:15 PM

Critically Endangered Lake Oku Clawed Frog Bred at ZSL’s London Zoo in the UK

2015.04.15 11:17 AM

Florida's Palm Beach County Nile Monitors Target of Removal Efforts

2015.04.14 11:07 AM

Mosasaur’s Gave Birth in the Ocean and Not Land as Previously Thought

2015.04.13 11:39 AM

Western Pond Turtle Step Closer to Endangered Species Status

2015.04.10 11:04 AM

Escaped Northern Pine Snake Reunited With Owner After 7 Months on the Loose

2015.04.09 11:44 AM

Three Wood Lizard Species Discovered in Peru and Ecuador

2015.04.07 12:31 PM

Leopard Tortoise with Severe Pyramiding Outfitted with 3D Shell

2015.04.03 12:55 PM

Florida Teen Charged With Felony Cruelty to Animals Not Yet Mentally Competent to Stand Trial

2015.04.02 12:27 PM

Live in Scotland? Can you Adopt a California Kingsnake?

2015.04.01 11:07 AM

Massive Salamander Fossil the Size of a Car Discovered in Portugal

2015.03.30 01:38 PM

Study Says Ecopassages That Let Turtles Cross Under Roads Don’t Always Work

2015.03.26 12:38 PM

Frog Discovered in Ecuador Shape Shifts Like Star Trek's Changeling Odo

2015.03.25 11:37 AM

Tegu Looking for its Owner in Fontana, Calif.

2015.03.24 01:13 PM

Certain Panamanian Golden Frogs Survive Exposure to Chytrid

2015.03.19 11:44 AM

Scientists Show How Water Bounces Off Gecko Skin Like Popcorn

2015.03.18 01:00 PM
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