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Two Coqui Frogs Captured on Oahu in Hawaii

The Coqui frog has become established on the Big Island of Hawaii.
2014.04.24 12:29 PM

Two Australian Lizards And A Frog Discovered In Cape Melville Lost World

2014.04.23 03:18 PM

Golden Orb Spider Makes Meal of Gecko

Golden orb spiders are known to eat small reptiles and even birds that become entangled in their webs.
2014.04.22 01:11 PM

Krokosua Squeaker Frog Rediscovered In Ghana

2014.04.21 01:08 PM

New Salamander Species Discovered in Arkansas

Streambed salamander discovered in Arkansas' Lake Catherine State Park
2014.04.21 11:33 AM

Frogs Die Quickly When Exposed to Pesticides

Study shows frog Mortality rates ranging from 100 percent after just one hour to 40 percent over 7 days.
2014.04.17 05:51 PM

Centipede Eats Juvenile Nose-Horned Viper From Inside Out

Viper ate centipede alive, which proceeded to eat viper from inside out
2014.04.17 11:05 AM

Vietnamese Gecko Species Discovered Near Ho Chi Minh City

Cyrtodactylus thuongae is 78 millimeters in length and lives high in the Ba Den mountains
2014.04.10 01:17 PM

Detroit Zoo's Search for a New Mayor of Amphibiville is on

Those interested in the position of mayor of Amphibiville must submit an essay detailing why he or she should be mayor.
2014.04.09 02:55 PM

12-Year-Old's Proposal to Designate Idaho Giant Salamander the State Amphibian to Get Full Hearing

Sixth grader Ilah Hickman has been working on proposal to list Dicamptodon aterrimus as state amphibian for the last two years.
2014.04.09 02:50 PM

Frog Holding Leaf Umbrella Image Goes Viral

Indonesian photographer shoots a frog under a leaf during a rainstorm.
2014.04.09 02:22 PM

11-Year-Old Frog Advocate Named a Winner of the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes

Florida girl conducts presentations on frogs and their importance to the environment.
2014.04.08 03:37 PM

Biologists Awarded Grant to Try to Learn how Cancer Cells Metastasize

Frog embryos used to determine how cell migration is controlled.
2014.04.08 01:57 PM

Amphibian Populations in the United States Declining at Fast Rates

USGS study shows decline in amphibians on IUCN Red-List at 11.6 percent annually since 2002.
2014.04.08 12:48 PM

Name the Adventure Aquarium's Baby Loggerhead Turtle and Win!

Enter New Jersey's Adventure Aquarium contest to name its newest turtle.
2014.04.08 11:45 AM

California Red-Legged Frog as State Amphibian?

The California red-legged frog may become the official amphibian of California.
2014.04.07 06:06 PM

Spike-Skinned Tree Frog Discovered in Vietnam

Gracixalus lumarius, a new frog species hails from the Vietnamese highlands.
2014.04.07 12:59 PM

ReptileFest Returns to Chicago April 12-13

Event is "The Nation's Largest Educational Reptile and Amphibian Show.
2014.04.03 01:18 PM

Snake on a Swiss Train Causes Passengers to Disembark

450 passengers evacuated as Swiss police capture non-venomous reptile.
2014.04.02 12:13 PM

California's Island Night Lizard Removed from Endangered Species List

Xantusia riversiana has been on the Endangered Species List since 1977.
2014.04.01 12:18 PM

Firefighter Saves Boa Constrictor from Burning House

Michigan firefighter saves boa constrictor from burning house.
2014.03.31 05:43 PM

Appalachian Salamanders Shrinking Due to Climate Change

Study noticed an 8 percent decline in salamander size from 1980 to 2012.
2014.03.31 12:09 PM

Hawaii Man Charged With Illegal Possession of Poison Dart Frogs

50-year-old Oahu resident charged with smuggling poison dart frogs.
2014.03.28 11:59 AM

Bones Found 160 Years Apart Reveals Huge Giant Sea Turtle

Two fossil pieces collected more than 160 years apart are from the same sea turtle, Atlantochelys mortoni.
2014.03.27 06:46 PM

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