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Would You Poke a Reptile to Get the Photo You Want?

A Chinese photographer in Singapore poked a pit viper with a stick to get the shot he wanted.
2015.07.29 06:48 PM

New Frog Species Discovered in India

The frog, Indirana Salelkari is named after state ranger forest officer Prakash Salelkar.
2015.07.29 05:30 PM

Chiricahua Leopard Frog Habitat Must Be Protected, US Govt. Says

The Chiricahua leopard frog is listed as vulnerable by the IUCN
2015.07.29 12:08 PM

Anolis Lizards Have Remained Unchanged for 20 Million Years, Study Says

Anolis lizards have remained unchanged for 20 million years, study says
2015.07.28 05:04 PM

Federal Lawsuit Targets Police Use of Burmese Python in Alabama Jail

Inmate Trawick Redding told jail guards he is scared of snakes.
2015.07.28 11:57 AM

Did You Know that Blind Snakes Decapitate Their Prey?

The blind snake removes the head of termites before it eats them.
2015.07.27 04:58 PM

One Species of Frog has Morphed into a Species Complex with 5 Frogs

Odontobatrachus natator is actually five distinct species of frog.
2015.07.27 11:42 AM

New South African Lizard Species Named After David Attenborough

Platysaurus attenboroughi was discovered in South Africa’s Northern Cape Province
2015.07.24 10:44 AM

Four-Legged Fossil Snake Stirs The Evolutionary Pot

Tetrapodophis amplectus was discovered a few decades ago but it sat in a private collection out of the way of scientists
2015.07.23 03:07 PM

Boa Constrictors Restrict Blood Flow to Organs to Kill

2015.07.23 12:34 PM

San Diego Man Who Wanted Selfie With Rattlesnake Gets Bit with $153,161.25 Hospital Bill

2015.07.23 10:56 AM

Coral Snakes of the United States

2015.07.22 01:41 PM

English Teen Falls 100 feet Off Cliff, Gets Bit by Adder and Survives

2015.07.22 10:48 AM

Anaconda Video Garners Zero Nominations for Nicki Minaj

2015.07.21 06:35 PM

Removal of Sandstone Rock for Decorative Purposes Harms Australian Broad-headed Snake

2015.07.21 11:37 AM

Plains Garter Snake Treated For Skin Cancer in Ohio

2015.07.20 12:35 PM

Veiled Chameleon Tries to Catch Tiny Bubbles

2015.07.17 12:23 PM

Turtle Hospital of Florida Releases Aaron the Loggerhead Sea Turtle

2015.07.17 11:10 AM

Monocled Cobra Found Dead Near Texas Hardware Store

2015.07.17 09:45 AM

Texas Police Looking For Monocled Cobra That Apparently Killed its Keeper

2015.07.16 01:37 PM

New Fossil Details Heavily Winged Raptor

2015.07.16 12:29 PM

Michael Strahan Instagrams New Nike Snakeskin Shoes, Hugh Jackman Responds in Kind

2015.07.16 10:46 AM

More Than 4,000 Critically Endangered Palawan Forest Turtles Rescued in the Philippines

2015.07.15 02:16 PM

San Francisco Zoo’s Baron’s Racer Found

2015.07.15 11:05 AM
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