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Ball Python Found by Hunter In Hawaii

Snakes are illegal to keep in the state of Hawaii.
2020.06.03 03:21 PM

Glass Frogs Are Translucent As A Form Of Camouflage, Study Says

Their bodies are translucent to fool predators.
2020.06.01 10:24 PM

Arkansas To No Longer Issue Permits To Breed, Sell And Import Five Python Species

You are still able to possess these snakes in the state, per local regulation.
2020.05.28 03:24 PM

53-Year Old Tortoise Whose Owner Died of COVID19 Gets Adopted

Ms. Jennifer had celebrated her 53rd birthday when she was adopted.
2020.05.27 04:50 PM

Malaysian Man Removes Sardine Can Stuck On Monitor Lizard's Nose

After four attempts the man was successful in removing the can from the lizard's nose.
2020.05.26 01:05 PM

New Frog Species Discovered In Madagascar

The amphibian is known to exist in just three degraded forest patches.
2020.05.22 01:06 PM

Argentine Black And White Tegus Found In Two Georgia Counties

Salvator merianae is established in Florida as well.
2020.05.20 02:22 PM

New Species Of Micronesian Varanus Monitor Lizard Described

Varanus bennetti is native to Palau and the Mariana islands.
2020.05.19 03:38 PM

Watch As Coachwhip Attacks Rattlesnake

Coachwhips are known to eat other snakes.
2020.05.18 04:25 PM

Researchers See Steady But Still Troublesome Decline In Reptile Poaching In Pakistan

Poaching in the country is mostly undocumented and accurate data is difficult to acquire
2020.05.15 02:20 PM

Who Flinches First In Frog And Snake Predator Prey Relationship?

It is a game of patience between predator and prey.
2020.05.13 03:04 PM

Nature Conservancy In Florida Releases 22 Eastern Indigo Snakes

The Drymarchon couperi were captive bred in Florida
2020.05.11 04:49 PM

Two-Headed Wolf Snake Caught On Video, Released Back Into Forest

The non-venomous wolf snake looks like the venomous common krait.
2020.05.08 12:18 PM

Researchers Euthanize Northern Curly-Tailed Lizard With Massive Fecal Impaction

The female lizard was found in Cocoa Beach, FL with a visibly distended abdomen.
2020.05.07 06:37 PM

Pet Corn Snake Mistakenly Released In Canada’s Pittock Conservation Area

The corn snake morph was inadvertently released into the wild.
2020.05.06 03:45 PM

California’s Blunt-nosed Leopard Lizard Threatened By Warming Planet, Study Says

The blunt-nosed leopard lizard was listed on the federal endangered species list in 1967.
2020.05.05 04:01 PM

Check Out Robert Irwin’s Lockdown Buddy!

Robert Irwin and Igloo stop for a photo during self-isolation.
2020.05.04 02:01 PM

USFWS Again To Consider Dunes Sagebrush Lizard As Endangered Species

The lizard was once considered a candidate for ESA protections but a failed scheme put forth by the state of Texas has the USFWS again considering it.
2020.05.01 06:45 PM

Five-Lined Skink Discovered In Rhode Island

Plestidon fasciatus is not native to the state, but could be the result of range extension.
2020.04.29 04:18 PM

Researchers Describe New Mata Mata Turtle Species

The turtles diverged during the Miocene period, about 13 million years ago.
2020.04.28 03:39 PM

Narrow-headed And Northern Mexican Garter Snakes To Receive Critical Habitat

The Trump Administration was sued last winter for failing to protect the two snake species.
2020.04.27 10:50 PM

First Frog Fossil From Antarctica Discovered

The fossil represents the first helmeted from the Antarctic.
2020.04.24 11:23 PM

COVID-19 Lockdowns Beneficial To Nesting Sea Turtles

The effects of stay at home orders are having beneficial effects for sea turtle nestings as beaches become devoid of human life.
2020.04.22 02:13 PM

New Species Of Wood Snake Discovered In India

Researchers Sandeep Das and K.P. Rajkumar discovered the Anamalai wood snake while surveying India’s Kerala Eravikulam National Park.
2020.04.20 04:55 PM
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