New Species of Hemidactylus Gecko Discovered in India

March 27, 2017

Indian researchers Zeeshan Mirza and David Raju have discovered a new species of Hemidactylus gecko  from the province of the Indian state of Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh.

Hemidactylus chipkali

Mirza and Raju

Hemidactylus chipkali is similar to those of the Brook's gecko species complex.

The gecko, Hemidactylus chipkali, is also called the Central Indian Leaf-toed gecko. According to the Bangalore Mirror, the lizard was discovered when Mirza and Raju were herping the Satpura Hills back in 2014. The gecko was recently confirmed to be a new species via DNA sequencing. 

During the DNA testing it was found that Hemidactylus chipkali is related to the Treutler’s leaf toed gecko (Hemidactylus treutleri) but has a 14 to 16 percent genetic differentiation.

It is similar to those geckos of the Brook’s gecko species complex, but differs in that it has a “continuous series of seven pored scales above the cloacal opening” and has seven sticky pads under the fourth toe of its feet. 

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