New Frog Species With Red Legs From Central Peru Discovered

August 11, 2016

A new frog species from central Peru has been discovered and described by researchers with the  Centro de Ornitología y Biodiversidad and Southern Illinois University.

The frog, Pristimantis pulchridormientes, which translates into sleeping beauty in Latin, was discovered at 1000-1700m in elevation in the premontane forests of Tingo María National Park in the central Andes in Peru. There is a chain of small and isolated mountains within the park called “La Bella Durmiente” (“The sleeping beauty”), of which the frog is named.

Sleeping Beauty frog

 G. Chávez

Pristimantis pulchridormientes was discovered in the premontane forests of Tingo María National Park in the central Andes in Peru.

The Sleeping Beauty frog is yellowish brown in coloration with brown blotches and flecks sprinkled throughout its skin. It has a yellow stripe that can be found on the eyelids and a yellow throat. It has distinctly red thighs, mostly on it ventral side. Thigh coloration on the dorsal side is like that of the rest of its body. The males are less than an inch in length (21.9mm).

Sleeping beauty rain frog

 G. Chávez

Pristimantis pulchridormientes has distinctly red thighs, mostly on it ventral side.

Pristimantis pulchridormientes is morphologically similar to P. acuminatus, P. bromeliaceus, P. enigmaticus, P. lacrimosus, P. limoncochensis, P. mendax, P. olivaceus, P. omeviridis, P. padiali, P. pardalinus, P. pluvialis, P. pseudoacuminatus, P. rhodostichus, P. schultei, and P. tantanti.

The complete paper detailing the new species can be read on the Zookeys website.

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