New Frog Species Discovered in Peru

February 3, 2016

Researchers working in the Alto Purus National Park in Peru discovered a new species of frog during a 2013-2015 herpetological expedition that took place at the park. The frog, named Pristimantis IIAP is a small treefrog that is mottled brown in coloration with golden eyes and a black iris.  It was named after the Peruvian Amazon Research Institute, of which some of the researchers work. Other entities that participated in the expedition included the Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh in the United States, and the Museum of Natural History at Universidad de San Antonio Abad in Cusco. 

The frog has not yet been described. The researchers are working on a paper that will be published in the Annals of Carnegie Museum. Other papers from the expedition will appear in the Carnegie Museum publication.

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