New Rainfrog Species Discovered in Ecuador

March 24, 2017

Colorado State University biologist Chris Funk  and Juan M. Guayasamin, a professor at Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ) have discovered a new rainfrog species that is striking in its green with black lines coloration. The Ecuadorian rainfrog (Pristimantis ecuadorensis) lives in the lowlands and Andean foothills of Ecuador and seems to be related to another species, Pristimantis ornatissimus, but is separate genetically as well as physically by barriers such as rivers.

Ecuadorian rainfrog new species

Centro Jambatu

The Ecuadorian rainfrog is considered endangered based on International Union for Conservation of Nature.

The Ecuadorian rainfrog is considered endangered based on International Union for Conservation of Nature due in large part to its limited range, habitat loss due to logging and agriculture, and the rarity in which it can be found in the wild. 

The complete report and description of the Ecuadorian rain frog can be read on the PLOS One Journal website


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