New Fat-Tailed Gecko Species Discovered in Australia

April 19, 2016

A scientist with the Queensland Museum in Australia has discovered a new species of fat-tailed gecko that ins unique in that it has a round snout and a roundish fat tail. The gecko, Diplodactylus ameyi, has a tail that makes it different from other geckos in the Diplodactylus species group, according to the Brisbane Times.

Queensland Museum herpetologist Patrick Couper discovered the lizard in the outback of Queensland as well as in northern New South Wales. It was named Diplodactylus ameyi in honor of Australian herpetologist Dr. Andrew Amey. 

Diplodactylus ameyi inhabits unused spider burrows in the outback’s arid deserts and hunts termites at night.  Its coloration is a brownish to beige, some have orange spots and others have beige spots. Its tail is noticeably roundish, and fat. 

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