Nearly 5ft Long Chinese Giant Salamander Discovered In Chinese Cave

December 11, 2015

A Chinese giant salamander (Andrias davidianus) that measures 4 feet, 7 inches and weighs 114 pounds was discovered in a karst cave in south west China. The amphibian, estimated to be 200 years old, was then brought to a research facility for “further study” according to People’s Daily Online.

It causes one to wonder that this amphibian has apparently been doing just fine for the last 200 years but has no been moved to research facility for further study. Will this animal be placed back into the cave in which it was found after the study? 

Chinese giant salamanders are listed as critically endangered. The large amphibian, which can grow to five feet, has been a legally protected species in China since 1988 and there are 22 nature reserves in the country devoted to the salamander. While the wild population has declined rapidly due to poaching and the degradation of its environment, they are captive bred for consumption, but the long time it takes for them to grow has encouraged the taking of them in the wild. Chinese giant salamander meat can can fetch $100 a pound and you can't tell the difference between a wild caught and farmed specimen. Many Chinese believe, erroneously, that the meat of the salamander has anti-aging and immunity boosting properties. Hope this old salamander gets put back into the cave in which it was found. 

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