Video: NY Cabbie May Lose License for Snake Prank

March 13, 2014

YouTube comedian and New York cabbie Jimmy Failla may have his cabbie licensed revoked for a putting a pet snake in his cab and picking up cab customers. According to Philly.com, Failla pranked the customers, caught their reactions on hidden video camera, and posted the video to YouTube. The snake used in the cab was a 14-foot Burmese python and in the video, all the customers who got in were indeed freaked out, with one customer in particular screaming that when he gets out of the cab he is going to do serious damage to Failla's backside and is going to F@(K the snake up too.

The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission released a statement to the media saying that the actions of Failla showed “monumentally poor judgment on the driver’s part.” PETA also issued a statement saying that Failla unnecessarily exposed the reptile to scared and screaming passengers in a cramped space.

After the video was posted and the comedian received blowback not only from his customers but from the commission and PETA, he issued a statement saying the snake “was handled with the utmost compassion…by a licensed snake handler.”


cabbie james Failla put snake into back seat of cab

James Failla/YouTube

YouTube comedian and New York cabbie Jimmy Failla pranked customers with a Burmese python. This woman was not pleased.


Check out the video before it gets removed from YouTube. Any objectionable language has been bleeped out, but you can easily get the gist of what these hapless customers were saying.

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