More Than 2300 Attend Reptile And Amphibian Appreciation Day At L.A.'s Natural History Museum

More than 2300 herp lovers attended the 4th Annual Reptile and Amphibian Appreciation Day (RAAD), October 7 at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum. The event was a showcase of the museum's herpetology collection and featured a variety of organizations showing everything from turtles and frogs and lizards, to amphibians and venomous snakes from the Southern California region as well as a collection of cobras seized by DEA agents in Los Angeles.

Reptile and Amphibian Appreciation Day

Children were able to hold some reptiles, which is always a thrill for them.

The event is held each year to inspire and educate the public about the role that reptiles and amphibians play in the environment and their importance in keeping ecosystems in check. In addition to live animals, exhibitors were on hand to showcase pictures of their latest herping adventures, conservation efforts, and educational endeavors. Check the slideshow below for more on this fun community day for Southern California herpers. And don't forget to check the Natural History Museum's website in February 2013 for information on the next RAAD day in October 2013!

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