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Horse Illustrated delivers horse news, care and riding advice for hands-on horse owners and riders. Our goal is to educate, entertain, inform and inspire horse lovers. is backed by Horse Illustrated magazine, a leading equine publication for more than 35 years.






Cigar & Spirits is dedicated to the upscale gentleman and discerning woman who are lovers of the good life, and believe there is nothing like a great cigar, your spirit of choice and great company. The site is the premier destination for educational and entertaining content that informs the connoisseur of all levels on everything from the latest cocktail recipes and top spirits, to cigar ratings, pairings, industry insights, and nightlife and lifestyle topics.

Auto is dedicated to educating, entertaining, informing and inspiring people, ranging from novices to highly experienced professionals, who restore and modify vintage cars and trucks. Our goal is to help people save time, money and frustration with their projects while also helping to maximize their enjoyment of their project work and their finished vehicles as well. Content on the website is from its print publication, Auto Restorer magazine




Small Animal educates, entertains, informs and inspires people who own or are interested in small animal pets: rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, chinchillas, hedgehogs, gerbils, rats, mice and sugar gliders. It features care tips, health information and more to promote a happy life for pet and owner. Content on the website is a mixture of original content and content from's annual print publication Rabbits USA and the Popular Critters® series Rabbits, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs and Rats. is also part of SmallAnimalChannel.


Hobby Farms and Hobby Farm Home & & educates and inspires small-scale farmers, who are farming for pleasure or profit. Garner and hone skills needed to sustainably operate a farm or ranch, while embracing the rural lifestyle. Learn to raise heritage livestock breeds, grow heirloom crops and use farm tools and equipment, or take your skills indoors to cook your harvest, decorate the farmhouse and craft useful products that keep your home and farm up and running. On you’ll find a mix of articles from Hobby Farms, Hobby Farm Home and Chickens magazines, offering a well-rounded resource for all your rural-lifestyle needs.

Get your cat fun fix at CatFancyLife, where pedigreed breeds hang with housecats and kittens. Cute cat faces abound in photos and stories, feline hi-jinks ensue in lifestyle blogs and furry paws pounce in videos and slideshows. Plus, stay on top of the latest cat food recall information and receive crucial care tips from CAT FANCY vet experts and behavior consultants. Go to CatFancyLife to show your love of cats.

DOG FANCY, Dog World, Dogs in Review, Dogs for Kids, Popular Dogs, Popular Puppies, Dogs USA, Puppies USA, and are part of the I-5 Publishing LLC stable of magazines and books. I-5 Publishing LLC is the leader in special interest pet magazines, trade magazines, books, and websites dedicated to pet-loving consumers, pet-supply retailers, veterinarians, breeders and pet professionals worldwide. Divisions of I-5 Publishing LLC include I-5 Publishing Magazines, Books, News, Global Distribution Services and

News on provided by I-5 Publishing News, a division of I-5 Publishing LLC. I-5 Publishing News consists of reporters that specialize in covering the pet industry and its communities. News is supplemented by Dog Fancy magazine’s team of editors, photographers and writers who specialize in all-things dog.


Rescue Proud

Rescue Me is devoted to making a positive difference in the lives of homeless dogs, cats and other animals, by empowering and celebrating the efforts of those dedicated to securing safe and caring homes for them. This bimonthly publication champions and supports causes, organizations and people who embody the spirit of pet rescue and adoption, and promote the mutual respect that is the foundation of the human-animal bond. Rescue Me readers will learn how volunteers are making lifesaving differences every day, and hear inspiring stories about how rescued animals often go on to improve or save the lives of those who rescued them. Each issue will be full of advice, innovative ideas and tips on from leading experts in the rescue community.


Reptiles offers the latest information on reptile species, care, news, nutrition, conservation, captive care information and all things reptiles.

The site gives visitors access to in-depth information on all types of reptiles and amphibians through species profiles and care sheets. Also available on is Reptile News for up-to-date information on pet product recalls, health articles, expert information, herp news and more.

On, visitors can join Club Reptile and become a member of an interactive community of thousands. At Club Reptile, members can design their own web page devoted to their reptiles and setups. The whole world can know about their species’ special quirks and cool habits.

Club Reptile members also earn points for prizes, such as the ones shown in the Club Reptile Rewards zone, through participating in games, quizzes, polls, forums and more. is the ultimate source of herp information and education, with a growing community of reptile lovers and enthusiasts.

The most popular farm and backyard animal has earned its own magazine! Chickens has quickly become the primary poultry publication for a wide range of urban, suburban and rural chicken keepers.

As entertaining as it is educational, Chickens provides expertly written articles, editorials and features on topics such as coop building and maintenance, seasonal chicken keeping, breed profiles, brooding plans, chick selection tips, mouthwatering recipes and more.

Whether for hobby or profit, Chickens gives chicken keepers the latest information on nutrition, health and wellbeing of a single bird or small flock, as well as the care, collection and consumption of eggs.
Chickens also spotlights chicken-inspired events across the country, including fairs, poultry shows, food festivals, auctions and more.

Timely material, expertly written articles and entertaining photos, easily makes Chickens the primary resource for all chicken keepers whether expert farmer or backyard novice.

From the editors of Hobby Farms, Urban Farm and Hobby Farm Home magazines, Chickens is a bimonthly publication available in print and digital editions.


Pet Product News

Pet Product News International is an engaging business news magazine covering important issues and popular trends affecting all sectors of the professional pet industry.

As the ultimate guide to new products, market trends, industry news and merchandising strategies, Pet Product News International is the No. 1 resource for pet retailers, manufacturers, distributors, trade associations, and anyone interested in learning about the pet industry.

Each monthly issue features sections devoted to financial matters, global news, industry events and pet-specific sections focusing on dogs, cats, birds, fish, herps and small mammals. In its Marketplace section, Pet Product News International offers a convenient way for retailers to shop for the latest products, while keeping up to date on the latest industry news and product advancements.

Pet Product News International is made up of an experienced staff of writers, journalists and photographers, who not only have their fingers on the pulse of the pet industry, but report with consistent journalistic excellence while providing entertaining and captivating content.


Veterinary Practice News

Veterinary Practice News is the nation’s most respected monthly news and product publication for today’s veterinarian. Geared toward practicing veterinarians in North America, Veterinary Practice Newscovers the very latest in news, developments, trends and people influencing companion animal and equine veterinary practices.

Veterinary Practice News delivers high quality content through excellence in journalism and investigative reporting. From the latest in scientific breakthroughs and surgical insights to practice management and current veterinary events, Veterinary Practice News touches on everything important to the modern-day practitioner.

Bird Talk is intended for loyal, caring and motivated avian enthusiasts of all interest levels. Bird Talk provides pet bird owners with the latest avian information on health, nutrition, behavior, training, grooming, products, shows, clubs and more. The website answers pet-care questions and publishes in-depth profiles and photos of hundreds of species of birds, from canaries and finches to cockatoos and macaws. Bird Talk supports national and local avian organizations and actively fosters a sense of community for its readership. The website encourages reader participation with surveys and stories and photos about their pet birds, plus there is a kids’ page filled with drawings and letters about the family pet bird. It serves as a touchstone for educating the public on the best care for pet birds.


Young Rider

Young Rider is a bimonthly magazine that entertains horse-crazy ‘tweens and teens with a fun-filled mixture of riding tips, horse-care hints, celebrity features, pen-pal pages, contests and two or more beautiful color posters.

Aimed at horse-owning ‘tweens, teens, and horse-less lesson barn kids, Young Rider’s goal is to teach young people how to look after their horses properly and how to improve their riding skills safely.

The only glossy, full-color equestrian magazine for young people in the United States, Young Rider is read by thousands of horse-loving children and their parents.


Fish Channel

An informative and interactive website, is where fish owners and lovers go for up-to-date information and education on their favorite pets and hobby.

On information on numerous topics can be found through blogs, species profiles, forums, care sheets, fish news, trending, photo galleries, videos, games and much more. is the ultimate resource to quality products and services through its Fish and Classifieds section. Responsible breeders can be found for whatever fish species visitors are interested in. Our breeders will give information on whether the species is a good choice for a specific tank and family.


Urban Farm is the leading online destination for city dwellers cultivating small-spaced, self-sustainable farms and gardens. Through interactive forums, inspiring stories and eye-catching photography, urbanites are connecting to nature and to a community of city farmers.

Dedicated to self-sustainable farming and gardening, engages a growing audience of urban farmers with online exclusives featuring news and information on topics such as crop and animal profiles, tools and equipment, do-it-yourself videos, recipes, eco-conscious farming, composting and more.

Rat Rod Magazine is an award-winning national newsstand publication dedicated to rat rods and rat rod culture. Created and managed by blue-collar Americans, for the love of rat rods and the spirit in which they are built.






 Motorcycle Consumer

Rat Rod Magazine is an award-winning national newsstand publication dedicated to rat rods and rat rod culture. Created and managed by blue-collar Americans, for the love of rat rods and the spirit in which they are built.


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