Monitor Lizard Enters Formula 1 Race in Singapore

September 19, 2016

It is not often that you see a reptile in the Pole Position at a Formula 1 Grand Prix race, but that is what racers saw at the Singapore Grand Prix September 17. Formula 1 racer Max Verstappen was doing a practice run around the famed track when an Asian monitor lizard (Varanus salvator) decided to make an appearance as Verstappen was putting his race car through its paces. Verstappen slowed down and told his pit crew that there was a giant lizard on the track. 

"There's a giant lizard on the track!" Verstappen told his teammates over the radio.  The lizard crossed the track like a boss and safely disappeared under the guard rail. 

Social media site Twitter went crazy with some lizard comments. 


The Asian monitor lizard can be found throughout much of Southeast Asia, including Singapore. This isn't the first time an animal made it onto a Formula 1 race track, but it may be the first time a reptile caused so much interest in the racing community. The lizard is extremely lucky that nobody hit it going 200 miles per hour.

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