Michigan Woman Finds Boa Constrictor in Her Couch

A Michigan woman who picked up a couch off the street and put it in her apartment was surprised to later find a four-foot long boa constrictor living inside the couch. The snake, which she initially thought was a python, later died before she could take it to a vet, according to news reports. Holly Wright of Grand Rapids told WZZM that she and her boyfriend checked the couch out before putting it in her bedroom and everything looked fine with it. It wasn't until about two months after placing the couch that they discovered the boa constrictor when it came out from inside the couch.



"It was very lethargic," Wright told WZZM. "It didn't really react or hiss, but when we poked it with a coat hanger it coiled up a little bit, so at that point we flipped the couch over." They then proceeded to remove the snake from the couch and placed it in a box with the intention of bringing it to a vet, but the snake died. Wright told the news channel that she was a little sad that there was an animal so close to her that was probably suffering and she didn't know about it.

Boa constrictors can grow to about 10 feet in length but their average size is around 5 to 8 feet in length depending on gender. They are native to central and South America. There are nine subspecies of boa constrictor with the Colombian boa the most widely kept snake. The boa constrictor can live more than 20 years in captivity. 


Image courtesy Holly Wright

MIchigan resident Holly Wright found this 4-foot long boa constrictor in a couch she picked up off the street. It later died.


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