Rob Haneisen - Contributing Author

Rob Haneisen Contributing Author of REPTILES MagazineRob Haneisen has been a journalist for 14 years and is currently a daily newspaper editor in Massachusetts. He has been breeding reptiles for 10 years, concentrating on Central American colubrids. Honduran milksnake color morphs are the primary focus of his breeding efforts.

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Two Southwestern Garter Snakes Proposed For Endangered Species Protections

USFWS will render a decision on the narrow headed garter snake and the northern Mexican garter snake in fiscal year 2014.

Eight Tentacled Snakes Born At National Zoo In Washington D.C.

Zoo had been trying to breed Erpeton tentaculatum for the last four years.

Connecticut Homeowner Can Continue Home-Based Snake Breeding Business

City issues cease and desist order, later issues home business permit for breeder of ball pythons and boa constrictors.
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