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Man Holds Snake as Pomeranian Tries to Attack It

April 21, 2016

A video of a man holding what he calls a western rat snake while a pomeranian goes nuts trying to attack it has made it onto YouTube, seemingly in an effort for the video to “go viral.” YouTube user Brett Skinner posted the video up and almost immediately one of those viral video troll companies snapped it up and now the video is being managed exclusively by that company.

The video in itself looks to me like a case of animal cruelty as the man in the video holds the snake by the tail as the dog continuously lunges at it. The poor snake is obviously stressed and scared as it can’t escape the person who is holding it. The people in the video, including children, are laughing at the poor snake’s predicament. The person then releases the snake and it attempts to escape only to run into another dog. So two dogs versus a single snake and one of the dog’s bites the snake and the person recording the footage laughs. They then capture the snake and the video

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