Mali Uromastyx Gets A Belly Rub

Can you give your baby Mali Uromastyx a belly rub? And will it enjoy it? Apparently you can as YouTube user smplymaxx uploaded a video last year showing her baby Uromastyx lizard apparently enjoying a belly rub, or perhaps a bit of tickling. According to the YouTube post, whenever her cage is opened, the baby lizard comes running, flips over on her back and waves her front legs as her tummy is being scratched by her human friend. Since being uploaded to the video sharing site, "Mali uromastyx wanting a belly rub!" has been viewed more than 342,000 times, with 2,362 thumps up, 30 thumps down and 421 shares. 


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Uromastyx Lizard Care Sheets

 Mali Uromastyx Breeding


Mali Uromastyx are very popular pet lizards for intermediate reptilekeepers. Native to North Africa, this desert reptile grows to 10-15 inches including the tail. Herbivores, the Mali uromastyx eat plenty of green leafy vegetables and obtain their moisture from the plant matter that they eat.


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